Cum Burp

I just stumbled upon this site and love it, so I thought I'd contribute with a story that was funny to me.

I started having sexual relationships with boyfriends in 8th grade, mostly oral as i didnt lose my virginity until about a year later. This story involves my 3rd boyfriend that I was sexual with, and it was the spring semester of 8th grade. He played baseball and I played softball, which led to a lot of days where our schedules aligned for some after school fun.

The specific day of this story, we both had home games that started about 3 hours after school ended, and our fields were right next to each other. He lived walking distance from the high school, and the fields were at the school, so we walked to his place to cuddle and chat and maybe fool around, as we did most days that we could. I was being a bit of a tease, getting him hard and not doing anything about it, and of course he was begging for me to help him. I noticed the time and said I had to start getting my uniform on, so I did a bit of a striptease for him while getting out of my school clothes and into my softball uniform. I was topless, from changing into a sports bra, in a thong, and wearing my knee high black softball socks, when he finally convinced me that I gave him blue balls and he needed help so he wouldn't be uncomfortable during his game. I said "fine, but you better be quick". So, I got on my knees at the foot of his bed and gave him a blowjob. It probably took 5 minutes or less and he came in my mouth and I swallowed.

While on me knees I said, "ok, now I need to get ready!". I quickly stood up and he jumped to his feet too, to give me a hug and a kiss. I must have had a gas bubble in my chest that let loose when I stood up too fast, and as he was pulling me in to kiss him, I couldn't hold back the burp from that gas bubble. I tried to push away from him, but he thought I was trying to be playful and he pulled me towards him forcefully. The burp came out as his tongue was going into my mouth, and unfortunately for him it was a bit or a juicy burp, and a dollop of his cum I just swallowed shot out of my throat and into my mouth, right onto his tongue. He immediately repulsed away and spit onto the floor. I literally keeled over in laughter, probably for 5-10 minutes straight. I laughed my ass off, almost completely naked on his bed, while he gagged and ran to brush his teeth. He didn't find it funny at all, but we did still have fun together until we broke up at the end of the summer that year. I still think it's one of the funniest things that's ever happened to me.


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