Braking The Ice On Feelings Bottled Up For Most Of My Life

I have harbored gay thoughts all my life. Circumstances aside, I never had the guts to try. Until things got strange at the wedding of a son of my cousin. It was a night time affair, the estranged father of the bride was there, shunned by her and her family. The affair was for him to walk her halfway down the idle, the stepfather the rest of the way, and 'give her away'.

I was alone at the wedding, my wife refused to go. I gravitated to the father of the bride, we drank at the bar. I'll say we were both sloshed, we went out on the pool to get some fresh air, by the outdoor dressing rooms he made his move, trying to kiss me on the lips, he landed several kisses on my face and cheeks. We stumbled into the dressing room where he got in a forced kiss.

The strange thing was I didn't object, not really, it was the pushing and shoving that I resisted. The second kiss was all wet, with his arms embracing me to him. There in the dark, on my knees I sucked his limp dick. It didn't matter to me, I was supercharged, and after a while he got harder, and I settled down to live out feelings I'd had since my earliest days on swim team as a kid. He came, and I sucked it out of him. Running it through my teeth, until I swallowed his cum in my mouth.

It ended there, he went back to his hotel, I went back to mine, I flew home the next day, my secret to myself.

Four years later, I was in Amsterdam negotiating to buy a ship from a Turkish shipping company. I'm a lawyer. The negotiations went on and on, for us price was king, for them it was face. I ran into opposing counsel later that night, a heavy set man in his fifties. We agreed to a drink in the bar. I felt his presence, I felt an urge to kiss him. I held back but the urge got stronger. I suggested that a nightcap upstairs and we could chart a path forward our companies could agree to.

Surprised that he agreed, in my room, ties and costs off, shoes kicked off we stood toe to toe with a Cognac in our hands, delivered up from the bar. A sip, I stepped forward and kissed him on the lips. He responded, the urge to kiss was so strong that I kissed him again, with 'passion', and he responded in kind. We were on the bed, clothes off, socks the last to go, having a grand old time. We both had strong erections, pleasured by stranger's hands, and mouths. His nature was lead, I followed, let him, enjoying his attention. The session ended after he accomplished his desire, and he jerked me off.

It worked, the parties came together, the ship title changed hands. Turkish flag, to Panama flag, the Mediterranean to the southern coast of South America. The real success was gaining my feet under me, to trust my gut, to let it all hang out. And follow my nature.


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