Wishful Thinking

At this present time, I have been fucking two women regularly. They don’t know about each other, and I don’t intend to keep them both. I just want one. However, they both have what I want - sisters.

First girl (girl A) has a sister who is her twin, both 22. They do look similar, but the one I’m fucking has the amazing body - curvy, big breasts, and very submissive. Let me take her virginity in every way. Her twin is very thin, flat chest, and just average looking. When I met girl A’s twin, she was in a relationship with a guy, but they broke up after he kept emotionally abusing her. She moved out and went back to her mom’s house and has been there since. Immediately, she has been getting fucked by guys left and right and telling girl A about it who then tells me. And hearing about it just turns me on to where I want to fuck girl A’s sister. Hell, I’d be open to having them both in a threesome, but I don’t know if girl A would want it since she’s a bit prudish and doesn’t want to include anyone in the bedroom. Her sister and I do chat on snap once in a while, but not anything that is interesting. As much as I would want to flirt, I know she’d tell girl A. So it might just have to be fantasy.

Second girl (girl B) has a sister who turned 18 this year. Girl B is a bbw, big breasts, and let me take her virgin ass. Her sister is very attractive - thin, nice, round ass, melon sized breasts, and a very cute face. She and I have talked, but not a whole lot, and girl B was there so didn’t say much. Girl B’s sister has a boyfriend, but he’s out of state. Before she dated him, girl B would tell me that her sister would constantly say that she wanted to get pregnant as soon as she turned 18, but that hasn't happened. Unfortunately, she’s planning to move out of State in a few months. I’ve thought of how I would like to see her one last time alone and fuck her, even if it leads to girl B ending the relationship. More than likely won’t happen, but I’ll keep fantasizing about it.



by Anonymous on May 17, 2024 at 5:39 AM

Marry the submissive one . It will make your entire life a whole lot easier

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