Taking Over

When I first moved into my apartment building 2 years ago my neighbors especially on my floor were very welcoming. The gay couple next door 2 guys in their 40's were totally helpful and friendly getting me situated. Being a divorced guy I had never really socialized with any gay folks but was soon used to going over there for coffee and conversation.

The one gay fellow was softer acting,more deferring and a bit more feminine than his partner who was more straight appearing. Paul was around 45 slim with blonde streaked brown longish hair and an animated manner. He was especially friendly and seemed always excited in my presence. I had known them for about a year when I noticed over a few days a lot of commotion and moving items from their apartment. Paul knocked on my door and tearfully announced they had broken up and his partner was moving out. I sympathized with him and gave him a shoulder to cry on. A week later the move was complete and his partner was gone.

One Friday evening Paul dropped by my place to chat. We had a few drinks and Paul opened up about everything. He told ne he was lonely and had not had any sex in the last few months of their relationship. He looked at me seductively and I realized I had a lonely horny gay guy in front of me. He confided in me that he found me hot and desirable but was worried him and I could not be friends as his gay desires might scare me off. I felt a bit confused as his confession had triggered an ambivalence in me that I would now reject him or alternately give in to some kind of sexual encounter. I told him this and he looked at me searchingly. He said he could understand either response but hoped we could have a friendship that was either included sex or not. We had another drink and I began thinking about what it would be like sexually to let an eager man who desired me to please me. I looked at Paul and gave him the go ahead to act on his desires. His face lit up and he moved close beside me on the couch. His soft hand caressed my leg and crotch area. Quickly he had my stiffening cock in his hand caressing it softly. He bent down and took my hardness in his wet mouth. His needy and skilled mouth worked my cock over with deep pleasurable sucking. I had never received such an amazing blowjob from a woman and Paul sucked my cock steadily until I blew my load between his eager lips. He gulped it all down hungrily until I was spent. We relaxed and talked for awhile but then I was horny again. Paul with a glint in his eyes asked if we could go to my bedroom. I nodded and we ended up naked in my bed. He touched me all over and I noticed his smaller cock was hard. This time he begged me to fuck him and I found some lube. I pushed my lubed cock into his tight small little round ass from behind as he opened up easily for me. It felt incredibly sexy as my cock slid all the way in as I began fucking him hard. He moaned in pleasure while I pounded him. I exploded deep inside his ass as my body shook in orgasm. I was spent and he caressed my chest softly afterwards. We talked and fell asleep for the night. In the morning we took a shower together and I touched his cock for the first time. I jerked him off while we kissed under the stream of water.

Since then we evolved into being a couple as sex became frequent and we spent more and more time together. I am mostly the top but I have grown to love sucking his cock to completion as well. He now lives with me as it made no sense to have separate apartments. I am so used to letting go inside his mouth or ass it is like second nature.


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