My daughter is only 16 but is starting to act just like her mother, and thats not good! We divorced 3 years ago and my wife moved to another state. My daughter stays with me during the summer.
Now one of the main reasons we divorced was my wifes lack of modesty of discretion. She was an outright exhibitionist. If any of my buddies simply asked she would take off her shirt. Even allow my friends to feel her tits. Everyone I knew saw her naked and I suspicioned she had a few affairs.
Last summer was rough with my daughter. I could see she was following in her mothers footsteps. I had to stay on her to dress appropriately around the house. At that time she wasn't quite so outgoing in public.
BUT NOW at 16! School just let out and she has been with me for a week. She rarely wears clothes around the house. When I say something about her nudity she makes some smart comment about me being uptight. Sunday afternoon we attended a cookout by the lake with a few family members and friends. Her bikini was very small but at least the appropriate parts were covered. There was a crowd down by the horseshoe pits and she joined in. After an hour I walked down to see how things were going. There was my 16 year old daughter playing horseshoes topless! Family members, friends, strangers, all getting a great view of her tits. I nearly had to drag her out of there to get her to put her bikini top on.
Its only going to get worse.



by Anonymous on May 17, 2024 at 10:15 AM

Wow and I thought my daughter was showy. I see plenty of raw to get me too horny and hard, but never has she gone topless at a family outing. That would make what I see not so hot. I feel special and know she likes me to look. Also she is just 16 which makes me more uncomfortable because I masturbate thinking how I want to jump her bones. Why do these young things like to tease their daddys, I do not know. Best wishes my friend.

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by Anonymous on May 17, 2024 at 2:12 PM

Does she have Down Syndrome and ride the short bus ?

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