Neighborhood Bulge Watcher

I have been blessed with a large set of balls and a pretty good sized cock, which makes for a bulge that gets attention, and I like the attention.

One day I was at my neighbors house while he was working in his yard. I had on a loose pair of shorts that show off my bulge pretty well when I looked up and saw his pretty young wife looking out the front door at us. I conveniently propped up my right leg on a tree stump and caught my pretty little neighbor staring right at my package, while her husband was busy pulling weeds.

I kept up the show and she kept staring. This was getting me hot and started making me hard, which of course made my bulge even larger.
Next thing I knew, I caught him staring too.

I can't wait until their preteen daughter gets home and give her a show too.



by Anonymous on Jun 20, 2024 at 12:18 PM

Dude, you need to get laid, like real soon.

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