My Wife Reminded Me .

Living in England there are many ancient houses and Stately homes . One of them near to us . Is now a business centre . With a cafe and small shops in the old stables . Recently we visited the cafe for a meal . The building is at the end of a country lane . About one and a half miles long . Just before you reach it there is an old church and a graveyard. The church is at one side of the road . The graveyard is on the other . The graveyard is a lot higher than the road . With a large mature tree between it and the road And a tall grassy bank . As we were driving past the gaveyard my wife pointed to the tree . Saying can you remember what we did under that tree . There was and still is . A wooden seat built round the trunk of the mature tree . As we drove home . She was talking about the days before we married . When we used to walk up to the church on nice summer nights . We would sit on the seat kissing . I would put my hand up her dress to finger her pussy . Very few people or cars used the road . Most only going to the pub at the start of the road . She would remove her panties and sit with her back to the tree . With her legs open . I would kneel on the grass . Licking her pussy . Giving her an orgasm . Being so much higher than the road . People in cars could not see us . When she had her orgasm I would drop my shorts and she would put a condom on my erect cock . Then i would sit on the seat . She would lower her pussy on to my cock . Riding me to make me cum . Happy days . Talking about it got us both horny . When we got home we had sex . At times we also had sex behind the church .



by Anonymous on Jun 20, 2024 at 1:44 PM

Oh how I fantasize about skinning alive the punctuation troll with tool the Russians used in the movie red sparrow.

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