I Am Corrupted

I am a old single woman who has issues in life. My husband left me 10 years ago after abusing me for 3 years. I men i tried to date later only cheated me and called my ugly. My daughter called me a whore and left me. In a nutshell i am a total mess.

I was angry frustrated and more importantly hated myself.

For the past two years i have been drinking alcohol sometimes too much. I tried to contact my girl and wish her on her birthday but she called me a whore again and how she does want me to embarrass her family.

It hurt me so much that i drank a lot that day. There is a college guy who stays above my flat and i was frustrated with the loud music he was playing. I walked up to confront him but i something weird happened to me. When he opened the door their were three more boys and i kinda felt aroused watching the handsome lads. I was so much in rage and drunk i kissed the boy and grabbed his dick before i stroke his size two times and left.

I am so embarrassed i have done such an act but i am currently in a turmoil of should i have not come back to my room and let things flow where it could lead to.



by Seagull57 on Jun 21, 2024 at 5:08 AM

Emma, you know what you need to do. Stop drinking, now! Seek help and get your life back together. If you have the means, move to a new area. Your new neighbors won't view you as a drunk or a slut, so don't be one. Respectability is what people believe you to be.
You may not be able to repair the relationship with your daughter. But, once you repair yourself, the chances will increase dramatically. Best of luck!

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