Vacation Exploration

I have been married for 19 years. For much of that marriage, we have had an open relationship. We understand our relationship is missing some things sexually, so we allow each other to fix those things on our own.

One of those things is cock size. My husband isn’t that big. I personally enjoy a large cock in my mouth and in my pussy.

While on vacation with some friends in March I was introduced to black cock. I met a man at a bar and I ended up taking him back to my hotel room. He said he was hung (several times throughout the night), so of course I was intrigued. He finally convinced me to touch it as we stood by the bar. I was pleasantly surprised for sure.

We kissed and touched and eventually it was time to undress. I was shocked at the size of this man….huge was an understatement. As I got on my knees I could feel my pussy start to heat up. I did all I could to please this man, even telling him to push my head to help it go deeper. Spit was everywhere!

Then he lifted me up, tossed me on the bed, dragged me to the edge, lined up his cock and drove balls deep into my pussy. Without any hesitation, he started to deep ball fuck me. I was in heaven. Within two minutes I had cum. I have been hooked on bbc since that first cum.

Currently, I have four bbc fuck buddies. I enjoy two per week on average. If I am lucky, I will line up all four in the same week, but that is rare.



by Anonymous on Jun 21, 2024 at 8:58 AM

So when are you telling your husband you're a BBC slut?

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by Another_55er on Jun 21, 2024 at 11:32 AM

You have been quite busy the last few months. How do you manage to get all this extra cock and hubby not raise an eyebrow? Even though you're in an open relationship, he has to wonder about the spike in your libido or at minimum an increase in frequency?

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by Anonymous on Jun 22, 2024 at 2:34 AM

Our open marriage is purely sexual. It has been since we started many many years ago. He does not care who I fuck or who fucks me and vice versa.

Regarding it being bbc, he doesn’t care about that either.

Yes, I have been busy the last few months. Again, my husband does not care. For me, it is something new and exciting and fun.

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