The Boss's Wife And Overtime.

My Ex boss is an alcoholic and doesn't spend much time tending to his wife, while I was still working for them she would come into work and throw all sorts of subtle hints as to what he does and does not do.
We were working late one night and I noticed that Anita( boss's wife) had discreetly taken her bra off, she leaned over me at my workstation and I caught a glimpse of a hard nipple on her huge titty.
At 21 of course my cock went hard and she saw me try re-arrange it while sitting she jokingly said to me "it's easier to fix if you are standing.
I stood up and tried to turn away from her to correct it but she quickly stuck her hand in my pocket to help out. It wasn't even 20 seconds and we were both buck naked and she was laying over her desk with me trying to control myself and take it easy but that never worked, I slid my hand between her thighs while licking on a perfect titty. She was soaking wet and raring to go. we fucked like rabbits that night and took every opportunity to work late from then on that we could. Its a few years down the line and I no longer work for them but do supply them with stock and each time I deliver to them, she gets a "special" delivery. I have even fucked her on her desk while he has been passed out in his office.


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