Fun With My Man While He Was Home For A Month

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve posted on here. Some people have probably read my stories before if they are a regular here: I used to have a fuck buddy who is now my actual boyfriend. He is gone for weeks at a time on an oil rig and is also home for weeks also. He was gone all of May and the first part of June and came home around the 8th of June. So he was gone for a little over 5 weeks so we go without for that long and,let me tell you, torture. It gets harder each time and I go as long as I can without having to satisfy myself. This last time I lasted 3 weeks without doing anything until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to use my vibrator on and in my pussy. I also used the shower head on it so make it feel like I was getting my pussy licked and it was good but not the same. I went the last 2 weeks without abs couldn’t wait until he got home to rip my clothes off. The oil rig he’s on doesn’t have a lot of privacy so he never gets a chance to take care of his sexual needs and he said he was in the process of rubbing one out this time when the guy he shared a room with walked in and that was the end and he never got a chance to again so he’s usually ready to relieve himself when he gets home. As soon as he walked in the door I jumped up and hugged and kissed him and then off to the bed we go. I ripped my clothes off and his and grabbed his cock and stoke it. He was hard already. I then went right to sucking his cock and he let out the loudest moan ever and said Fuck Yeah. He laid his head back and closed his eyes and breathed heavily and kept moaning and telling me to keep going. God I love hearing him moan when he gets his cock sucked. It turns me on and he loves it so much!! I’ve never seen a guy who moans with pleasure like he does and ir could be because he goes awhile without it at times. He moaned several more times and then shot his huge load in my mouth. It was ALOT!! He had needed that badly. He relaxed some and sighed in relief after letting out that big load of cum. He then said it was my turn and immediately started eating my pussy. I moaned loudly this time. His tongue was all over my pussy and I grabbed his head and buried it in my pussy. I finally oregasmed and came. It felt amazing. About 15 minutes later I was on top of him fucking him. I slid down slowly on his cock at first. God it felt good to feel him inside me again. At the end, I was humping him hard and fucked him good until we both came. He shot out another huge load of cum. It kept pumping out of his cock even after I slid off of him. I then took a nap with him and we had round 2 later. We fucked every day and even fucked at the lake on his boat, camper, and in the water. Nobody knew we were fucking in the water because we tried to keep it quiet. We fucked in his boat in the lake at night just like we did last year and he ate my pussy while sucked his cock under the moonlight. In the camper, we took turns using handcuffs in each other while going down on each other and fucking each other. We had that camper rocking and I wonder if anyone could hear us because we got pretty loud. We did that for the 4 days we were there and then came home and recovered and went for more! We just can’t get enough! During the 4th of July, his sister, husband and their 3 girls came to visit so when they were there we couldn’t get as loud but it didn’t stop us from fucking and going down on each other. He even used the vibrator in my pussy while he ate me out and sucked on my tits. This past weekend, us and his family went to races and watched fireworks and even kept his two oldest nieces with us when his sister and husband took the baby back to the hotel. He’s an awesome guy and sweet with his nieces but he’s as naughty as can be in the bedroom or wherever we decide to do it. When we dropped his nieces off with their parents that night and went to our own room it was on! As soon as we entered, I was sucking his cock while he ate me out and squeezed my boobs. We both came hard and then of course had to have more and he fucked he hard after that m. He even fucked my ass this time. He did about 2 times since he had been home but really went at this time. He used a vibrator, dildo, and a butt plug on me this time. Yes, I do have other sex toys besides the vibrator. After we both came again, we both went to sleep and did it all over again the next morning and fucked in the shower. We then drove his sister abs family back to the airport before driving home and he took a nap to try to get back on his regular sleep schedule of sleeping in the day. We fucked shortly after he woke up. He left this morning to go back to the oil rig and I made sure his cock got a good long sucking and fucking and my pussy got a good licking. It will be another 3 to 4 weeks until we get to again so that’s why we do it as much as we do to make up for it and we both love it and are just both very sexual. Until next time.


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