It Was A Bad Idea

This all started 6 months or so ago My husband of 2 years decided to help out a friend and have him over on rent a room while his place was being built. Ray and my hubby Lance have known each other for a few years. He is a bit older than my husband in his early 30s. Black guy big guy muscles tall in shape. Very self centered vulgar and is big on himself. He has come to our place before when we have bbqs or parties. I’m a small slender built women. I’m 4 foot 11 on a good day bleach blond small b cup boobs thick nipples and a round booty that stock out. I’m a natural brunette but bleach it blond. Lance came home and said that Ray had let his apartment go and had about 6 months before his house that he was buying finished. It was a new development and had gotten a good deal on a really build. The problem is that Ray is a bit touchy with me anytime he is around me he always seems to graze or squeeze my rear or of it’s crowded and loud my tits. He is a bit of a perv and while he cops a feel from time to time in little spurts I can keep him at bay. Now he will be living with us for 6 months ??
My husband works construction and some times he is gone for the week. I was a bit nervous to that I would cheat but that I could keep his hands off me. So move in day came it was a Friday night. I was relaxed watching tv with Lance and Ray in the garage. I was in running shorts and a t shirt went in to the kitchen to grab a water and Ray walked in from the garage. He grabbed 2 beers and I grabbed a water as he passed me my back was to him and he slid his hand up my shorts between my cheeks and split my lips. I let out a moan. I’m really sensitive in my privates and does. It take much for me to get worked up. I pushed his hand and told him no no not yours. He smelled and licked his fingers looking at me. I went and to the couch and relaxed. About 30 minutes later both came in and said they were hitting the bed. I we ahead of Lance and crawled into bed. The next few days he did the same probed me a few times one time i was putting groceries away bent over wearing shorts and he stuck holes finger in me and moved it around. I again moaned and told him to stop He went as far as to tell me that he was going to fuck me and that when he did he would bet me that he would own me. He had on basketball shorts and pulled his cock out to show me it. It was a big as my forearm he grabbed it pointing it at me l. I ignored him and telling my husband was pointless as he always said that he was just joking. Didn’t seem like a joke when he had his finger up my ass. A week later Lance had to go out of town for work for 3 days. I stayed away as long as i could on Monday after my husband left in the morning. Went to the gym had drinks with friends at happy hour. Made my way home around 6. I was in leggings and a t am top sports bra. Got home showers changed into shorts and a t shirt and was watching tv when Ray came in and at down. He was pleasant and we talked making me feel relaxed. When out of the blue he pulled his cock out and tells me to come over here and put my lips on it. I said no way and went to get up. When I leaned forward to get up he grabbed my neck and pulled my face onto his lap. His cock was splitting my lips I would not open my mouth until he reached around and pinched my tit I let out a yelp and I’m his cock went. He pushed my face up and down on it. There was spit he held my neck hard and face fucked me. He was fully erect and his cock was probably 9 inches long and thick as my forearm. With my mouth on him Hebrew chi ed down and yanked my shorts off. I had on a thong which all he did was rip to one side. I told him no and he picked me up and impaled me on it. I kept saying no but realized that he had let go of my neck and hips and I was forcing myself down on his cock. He ripped me open I sat down and anytime I moved a wave of Orgasms hit me. He told me that once I had it I would never be the same and he would own me. 45 minutes into my assault he owned me. I pleas on all 4s and he took my ass and pussy for 3 days. I never left the house and was makes the entire time. Lance came home and wanted to have sex. I laid there not really feeling anything faking a climax. For around 5 months I have been owned by Ray. His photos finally done and I am helping him decorate the home. He got the keys a week ago and has fucked me in every room and garage since then. He was right I do almost anything he asks of me. He wanted a tattoo and traded my mouth for the work. I sucked the artist off before and after he finished his tattoo. I can’t see giving up the cock and am hooked



by Seagull57 on Jul 10, 2024 at 10:03 AM

Sorry, but there is no chance that this story is true! Husband's don't bring their stud friends to live with their horny wives! However, if I'm wrong, the good news is that Lance will divorce you soon, then you can live with Ray! He will probably begin having his buddies stop by to use you as well. So, if you love one bbc, 5 or 6 at a time should really please you! Eventually, he'll get tired of you and kick you to the curb! We've heard this same story so many times before!

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