Worth It Yesss

I have always wondered what a glory hole was really like. I heard about them, but never been to one, until by total chance, I came across one. I had gone to a public stall to have a pee , it was then, I noticed a hole in the wall, I did not think much about it at the moment, but as I finished my task and was zipping up, some thing caught my attention, as I turned my head toward the wall, I noticed a very large cock! slowly protruding through the hole. my 1st thought was what the hell! then it hit me, this is a glory hole! my heart started racing! then I heard a voice in the next stall saying relax, and do what you feel like is ok for you. all of a sudden all these crazy thoughts, I had about a glory hole came rushing to my mind! as I realized I had not taken my eyes off of that beautiful veiny cock! it had a droplet of precum forming at the tip, and I found myself sitting on the toilet bowl, so I could get a closer view of this cock, as I got closer to the tip, I found myself kneeling, so I could get closer to this beauty! I slowly stuck my tongue out and lightly licked the precum off the tip, it was at this time,I could not stop myself ,from pushing my lips over that mushroom head, and started tickling his cock with my tongue, as I slowly worked his cock deep into my mouth , the hole in the wall was big enough, that I was able to lick his ball sac as well as his pubs tickled my nose.I slowly bobed my head up and down his shaft, after a few minutes of this, I felt his cock swelling in my mouth! and shortly after that, his cock started pulsing and he was moaning loudly! and then he filled my throat and mouth full of his thick tasty cum! and I gulped all the cum I was able to down my throat! every thing I had ever read about sucking a cock was true, the feeling of the smooth cock, the taste the gushing of the warm cum filling your mouth, and most of all! the feeling it leaves you! wanting more ,just hope I can find a glory hole close to home !



by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2024 at 6:17 AM

It's amazing that once you suck a cock - you're hooked and you want more. It's such a sensual pleasue

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by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2024 at 6:59 AM

After I sucked my first in my teens I was hooked that’s when my cock sucking career started in the 70’s. I love sucking a cock it is a pleasure I can’t describe. My first experience with a glory hole was in the late 70’s at downtown Boston in an area called the combat zone. Peep booths and some had glory holes. My first time a cock came through and I sucked it got a mouthful of cum.

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