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My nephew has been bulling me since he was 15, he is 45 now, and we live together now, he was married, but ironically she left him for another woman, suddenly declaring that she was gay, my hubby passed a couple of years back, so I sold up up and moved in with him, as it seemed the natural thing to do. It all started one summer though, when he was 15, my late hubby was away on a course for 12 days with his work, and my nephew ventured about most days in shorts, vest top and trainers, as it was the summer, and it was nice and warm, I saw him almost daily, and he was developing a good muscular body, as he played football and trained a lot.

How did him screwing me come about though ? Well I know now he had this huge sexual crush for me, but didn't at the time, it never crossed my mind, that he thought of me in this way, I caught him staring at my legs one mid morning, when he came by my house, which he was apt to do frequently, while I was sitting on a kitchen chair, drinking a coffee, and smoking a ciggie, I was still wearing my nightie, which was short, revealing my bare thighs & Calf's. I wasn't angry or anything, I just thought that he was growing up, and his hormones would be rampant, I actually felt a bit flattered, that a young ' buck' was ogling an older woman, little did I know what was to come.

Later that day I was at my sister in laws house ( nephews mum ), and I was wearing a short skirt, my legs were bare, as it was quite hot, he suddenly appeared in his speedo swimming trunks, saying to his mum ' I'm really hot, I'm going to cool myself down with the garden hose ' and passed us by, that's when I not only noticed his lithe young body, but it was the impressive bulge in his trunks, that caught my eye.

Now because my hubby was away, I wasn't getting any' while he was away, and I was quite horny, the sight of my nephews near naked body, and the bulge in his trunks got me going, later that night I frigged myself senseless imagining him humping me. and I knew that somehow I just had to have him.

The opportunity presented itself a few days later out of the blue, I went to see his mum one day, unknown to me she had gone out for the day, but he was in the house, not only that he was in his room looking at a porn mag, which he had come across. I found this out, just as I was about to leave, when I heard a voice exclaim ' Oh yes, oh yes ' from upstairs ( he obviously thought that he had the house to himself, which he did, til I turned up ), so curiosity got the better of me, and I silently made my way upstairs, his bedroom door was slightly ajar, and I could see him on his bed ' jerking himself off ' the sight of him doing this, and the size of his cock ( far bigger than my hubby's ), just sent me over the edge, add to that I heard him saying ' Oh Auntie Mags, your just so sexy,

I retreated to the bedroom before his, I couldn't contain myself, I stripped naked, and proceeded to his room absolutely starkers, I burst into his room and said to him ' if that's what pictures of a naked woman are doing to you, lets see what a naked woman in the flesh is going to do to you ?

At first he was like a rabbit in the headlights, as I approached his bed, and climbed on it beside him, I then straddled him, and said well there's no need to imagine what I'm like naked, here I am, and there's no way I'm gonna let that throbbing hard on that you've got, go to waste, your uncle is away, and I'm dire need of getting laid, and I've noticed you looking at my bare legs, when you've been at mine, and then I saw you in your trunks the other day, and saw the bulge, and I knew then I wanted it in me.

I then took his throbbing cock ( which was a good seven and a half to eight inches , with quite a thick girth too ) and started to slowly wank his hard shaft, I said to him you can feel and fondle and suck my tits, caress my thighs and play with my sodden wet hairy beaver, he did this and I had an orgasm almost immediately, I asked him if he had had sex with girls ? he replied no ' I'm a virgin ', I replied well your about to lose that, because your gonna bull your auntie with that big cock of yours.

I then moved up a bit, and took his hard throbbing cock, and moved down on it, I gasped as it went in me, and I came in an instant, I told him it was ok for him to shoot his load in me as I was on the pill, and after about 5 minutes he did just that. I wasn't sated though, so I said to him ' lets go to mine where we can have more sex, without the fear of your mum coming back, and we went to mine where he filled me three more times, I had multiple orgasms, and by the time he went home, I was in sex paradise.

He was at mine every day til my hubby returned, and he was a quick learner, he took me to places my hubby just couldn't, I saw no reason to stop having sex with him, and he felt the same, even though he eventually got married, we just continued as is when ever we could, its been sexual bliss for 30 years now, and no let up.



by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2024 at 4:57 AM

Definitely and old man jerkoff piece.

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by Anonymous on Jul 11, 2024 at 4:39 AM

Agree with first comment, despite having a nephew-aunt relationship myself from 2005-2010.

There’s quite a bit of exposition missing between “looking at my legs” to “bursting into a minor’s room with ill regard for the consequences”.

I (M) was late 20’s and my aunt was mid 50’s when we started exploring the topics leading to our lovemaking and experimentation.

I hadn’t seen her for so many years, essentially since childhood, and only later as an adult started helping her with my uncle’s business.

Anyway, just know it does happen between blood-related nephew and aunt. But in my experience it started organically building a deeper connection while catching up on all the time we missed.

Best years of my sexual experiences for certain were with her. Too much to write here, plus, most everyone here wouldn’t believe it anyway.

We almost got caught in public once by my pastor’s wife, though. That was a bit nerve-bending. Had to explain ourselves out of that one. Thank goodness we actually didn’t do anything risqué while we were out that time.

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