My Daughter’s Friend

A few of weeks ago, my daughter’s friend came over to visit her. She wasn’t home, but she would be here any minute. Jeff sat down in the living room with me and we started talking. He was home from college for the summer and working with his dad. Good kid, very fit and cute. At this point, I wasn’t even sure what the word friend meant. He immediately showed he was brash, cocky and overly interactive (flirty). He commented that Lilly got my looks.

A little while later, Lilly texted me and Jeff saying she was working late and wouldn’t be home until 8:45. It was now 4:30, baked ziti was basically cooked. I asked Jeff to join me for dinner and he accepted.

As dinner progressed, his flirting became a thing. He spoke about how attractive I was and how my ex husband made a mistake by getting divorced. He confirmed he was actively courting Lilly but they were not a full blown couple yet. I told him I was sort of dating. It was mainly was a mechanism to satisfy my sexual needs because the men I dated were just looking for sex. Jeff told me many times he would enjoy dating someone like me. By the way, I am twice his age. By the way, the attention and sexual innuendo were stirring my desire pot.

Dinner finishes. As I am loading the dishwasher, I bent down to put a dish in the bottom drawer and I hear him say ‘damn!’, followed with a chuckle. I turned while bent over and asked what that was for? He just says you are a sexy woman. My heart is now fluttering as this cannot happen. He is 19 years old.

The dishwasher loading continues and now he is right there with me. I can smell his deodorant. I can hear his breathing. I turned from the sink and he was there, standing in front of me, almost face to face. My pussy was alive. My mouth got dry.

After he leaned in to kiss me, I stopped him and told him this cannot happen. He persisted and kissed my cheek. Then the other one. At that point I was pinned to the front of the sink. I could feel his semi hard cock through his shorts. As he looked me in the eye, he kissed me on the lips. I stopped pushing back and opened my mouth. Tongue to tongue the kissing continued.

He quickly took his opportunity and found my boobs with his hands. First outside then inside my shirt. The bra came off shortly after and was tossed on the kitchen floor. My nipples were swollen and rock hard. My hand found his hard cock through his shorts. Once I touched him, he immediately pulled his shorts down and gave me full access to his cock. His cock was clean, young, fat and extremely hard. I stroked him up and down as we kissed.

He stopped kissing and stepped away from me. I knew that he wanted head, so I went to my knees and sucked his young cock. He lasted maybe five minutes, holding the countertop above my head as he filled my throat and mouth with his cum. I swallowed and stood up.

He just stood there looking at me as he was caught his breath. His cock never went soft. Then he asks if he can fuck me. I did a double take and I said really? He said yup!

As we got to my bedroom, my clothes came off. He bent me over my bed, fingered my pussy a bit, spit in his hand, stroked his cock and drove his cock balls deep. My heart thumped. My voice change. My pussy squished with every thrust. This 19 year old was fucking my 40 year old pussy. He was relentless as I came four times one right after another. I told him no more, but he said he was close to cumming. I went along.

He fucked me jackhammer style for maybe five minutes as my pussy came a fifth time. This cum came from my soul. This cum was deep and different. He had made me cum full body style.

As my cum started to come down, he grunted and asked where should he cum. I told him inside of me. With that he tensed up and filled me with his cum. He just kept fucking me as another orgasm hit me. Then another. Then another.

I finally convinced him to stop. He pulled out his hard cock as I marveled that he was still hard. He chuckled and said he had much more in him. We cleaned up and got dressed. It was not almost 8:00. He had fucked me for over 2 hours!!!

Nothing else was said that night. My daughter came home and they sat on the patio talking (like friends).

The next day, Jeff came over again. We wasted no time and he fucked me again. This time he actually came inside of my pussy three times. He left that night after an intense fucking that left me exhausted.

He skipped a few days and came back again. He fucked me in several rooms of my house that day. We are basically fucking every day now.



by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2024 at 4:55 AM

Another long, drippy fantasy jerkoff piece...Fred C Dobbs

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by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2024 at 6:20 AM

This is exactly what I tried to encourage my wife to do back when she was into being shared. The idea of doing young guys, Especially if we could find some guys who had never done it before, was a big turn on for me, but it never happened. Still, I loved seeing mature men getting off inside her.

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by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2024 at 6:44 AM

Hey Fred. If you do not like the confessions (mine in particular) here, then don’t read them. It is that simple. You judging the legitimacy is just you being an asshole.

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by Anonymous on Jul 11, 2024 at 3:11 PM

Isn't there a site for these amateur porn writers to post their shit, instead of actual confessions ? I can just picture some of these mouth-breathers drooling all over themselves while writing. LOL.

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by Anonymous on Jul 12, 2024 at 5:44 AM

Lucky boy to find an older mature lady to fuck. I know you are both enjoying it and you should let him get in your ass I think once you get his cock up your ass you will love it and once you allow him to cum in your hit tight ass you will be hooked. Let us know how it goes good luck honey my cock is rock hard thinking about you taking all that hard young cock.

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