The Amount Of **** I Saw

When I was in elementary school there were too many opportunities to see and taste cock… first I remember was from an uncle probably in her 20s, he was living temporarily with us and my room was his space, I refused to leave for him to change clothes and he went fully naked (no real reason) and I got enchanted bu the beauty I saw between his legs, it was just amazing to me, first time seeing a cock as thick and just tasty, I don’t remember much details but I must have spent an hour or so touching and learning how to stroke it, I probably used my tongue too, but really blurred the details… second time I saw another one as impressive was when a group of friends were talking about one friend’s mom, he was feminine and sort of provocative so eventually we got him to a lone place and took our cocks out so he would touch us a little (we were really inexperienced) but one of the group was a few years older and had a much bigger cock and could actually have an erection, he ended up gettin sucked and I was left in awe with his package,,, then a third time happened to a friend and me to see some porn magazines with a guy that invited us, he was probably 18 or so, we were around 10-12, and he was a brown bigger body, went naked as soon as we closed door and taught us how to suck, I remember seeing my friend choke on his massive tool, and then we got fucked, by then anal stimulation was my favorite pastime so getting the real deal was so exciting, he knew his game and treated us soft and caring, we went back for more a couple of times… then last experience was a romance I had with a younger an so feminine blonde friend, we had a sort of innocent relationship that started with a lot of kissing and touching until we had oral and the anal we could with our dicks still unable to fully go hard or even ejaculate, we had some dry cums, and in general spent our free time exploring and trying everything we could imagine to please ourselves… there were good times back then, so much sex since very youngs



by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2024 at 5:05 AM

When I was 12 an older boy that lived a few houses down the street invited me to his house after school. Once I got there he pulled out some dirty magazines and we were looking at them.
It didn’t take him long to start talking to me about taking my clothes off with him. I didn’t want to at first but he stood up and stepped out of his gym shorts then took his underwear off. There he stood in front of me with his big hard cock sticking straight up and he started to stroke it and talk to me about stroking it for him.
It didn’t take me long before I was jacking him off and he finally got me to get naked with him. His hands were all over me and then he pushed me on my back in his bed and started to suck my dick. Man it felt good so I let him suck it all he wanted and he made me cum in his mouth and he sucked me dry swallowing my young cum.
I thought we were finished but he left and came right back. I noticed his cock looked really shiny and slick. He turned me over and had me face down with my legs hanging off his bed. He spread my feet wide apart and got between my legs then I felt his cock on my ass.
He told me just to relax and told me I was going to like this. He then had me reach back and spread my ass cheeks open. I had a good idea about what was about to happen and I knew it was wrong but is being naked and no one else there and the way his big cock felt on my naked ass I never tried to stop him until he got his dick in me. Damn it hurt like hell and it felt like my asshole was on fire. He held me down as he slowly eased his cock up my ass until it was all the way in.
I had tears in my eyes from the pain but once he began to move his hips and push his dick up my ass it started to get better then he started to fuck me. He pulled out leaving just the head in my asshole then all the way back in. He did this quite a few times then told me it felt good then he said I would Like it better in a little bit
He started to fuck me pretty hard and made me cum on the bed and I was laying in my cum as he fucked my ass. He got a little carried away and got kind of rough with me by putting his hand on the back of my head and pushing my face into the mattress and his other hand was on the upper part of my back and he was starting to talk to me and breath very heavy and it felt like his cock got bigger in my ass.
Then I heard him let out a very long loud moan then I felt his cock start to jerk inside of me and his cum was filling my asshole and he was going nuts ramming his cock up my ass really hard then he started telling me to take his cum. The more he talked the hotter it got and I started to cum again. Man I never knew anything could feel so good.
He collapsed on top of me with his dick still all the way up my ass. He held me tight still breathing hard and asked me if I was OK and if it felt good. I told him I was fine and I made sure he knew I liked it. He stayed on top of me just jumping on my ass moving his cock in and out of my asshole kind of slow.
He told me he wanted to fuck me some more and asked me if I could it again. I told him I could and he slowly began to fuck my asshole. He would pull out with just the head in my ass and it felt like he was pulling my asshole inside out just before he pushed back in. What I noticed was every time he pulled most of the way out his cum would rim down over my nuts and my asshole got very slick and I could take it much easier.
He stood up and pulled on my hips and he was really fucking me good and I liked it way too much. He told me he thought I really liked getting fucked up the ass. I told him it sure felt good. He said he was glad I liked it because he wasn’t ready to stop. I told him to kept doing it as long as he wanted.
Ha had pulled me back so far that my dick was pointed down and sticking out between my legs. As he fucked me my dick just got harder and I felt his nuts hitting on mine every time he shoved his dick up my asshole. He told me he was glad I was liking it so maybe I would let him fuck me again some time. I told him he could and he just fucked me harder. I felt his dick get much bigger as he fucked me then he started telling me he was going to cum in me again I almost begged him to cum in me and that just excited him even more then he pulled on my hips hard and shoved his big cock up my ass and told me he was going to cum. He really came a lot this time and just about the time he finished I started to cum and it felt so damn good I started to moan out really loud and shove my add back on his dick as he started to laugh out a little saying “man you really like it don’t you”. I told him I did and to keep going.
His dick went soft and I felt it slowly begin to slip out of me. Once it did he stepped back and right away he spread my ass olen and he was watching his cum pour out of my ass. He told me he liked watching his cum run out of my ass and he grabbed his dick and rubbed it around on my asshole in his cum and he put it in my ass a few times and pulled it back out.
He told me to go with him to the bathroom to clean up so I followed him and while we were washing up he asked me to wash his dick with a wash cloth so I did. He started to get hard again and I wanted it so bad I bent over the countertop in the bathroom and asked him to stick it up my ass. I watched his face as he fucked me and I thought he would never cum this time. He fucked me and fucked me and his cum was dripping off my nuts and I could feel a little bit of it run down my inner thighs.
Man it was good and his dick was really going in and out of my asshole good. He started fucking me really hard and told me we had to hurry as his mom would be home in a few minutes. He got off deep in my add again then took his dick out of me really fast and told me we need to get dressed pretty quick.
We just barely made it and we were sitting in the living room watching TV when she came in. As she talked to us she had no idea that her sons cum was leaking out of my asshole we had already made plans to do it again after school the very next day.
He fucked the hell out of me for almost 3 years until he went off to college. He came home several times and a few times he and I would go some where in his car and he would fuck me but after awhile he stopped fucking me and I missed it and wanted him to fuck me but he never did again.
To this day on occasions I still find a guy to fuck me but not too often but it still feels good and I really like it a lot

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by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2024 at 6:07 AM

A lot of us have stories how we got introduced to sex by other boys - which was very exciting as we discovered and explored. The dest thing that came from all of this playing around when we were younger is that we learned how pleasurable it is and not tabu to play with another cock. After a long while I went back to find that lost pleasure, and found that I still enjoy sucking cock!

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