This is for Eric who dared me to post this after I told him this story over drinks, sorry if its long.

When I was eighteen my family moved to the suburbs and the house me and my parents moved into was one of the first built in our development. There were no finished houses around us but there was one house two lots down that was finished. So every day before I got up for school you could hear hammers and saws and all kinds of construction noises. At the time i hated it because they always woke me up an hour or two earlier then i wanted to.

Well on labor day my parents left the house to go buy a new car (my dad was promoted that was why we moved and everything in case your wondering) and I knew how long that was going to take, pretty much all day, so i just settled in at first. Well the construction workers didn't take the day off, there definitely weren't as many of them around the neighborhood but i could hear them working.

I knew I had the house all to myself and i was young, single, and well, horny. So I went to my room and spent about an hour digging through my clothes for something skimpy to wear.

Looking back i obsessed over it way too much, but I finally decided to wear a black bikini top with a black sheer g string that my parents had no idea i owned.

I remember being really nervous, and when i opened the blinds to my room i did it from the side of the window so if anyone was looking in they couldn't see me.

I quickly got out of my room and started opening all the blinds in my house, in fact our house was still so new that we didn't have blinds on the windows in the kitchen or our family room where the front door was, but i opened the blinds to our back patio door and slid them completely open.

Now you have to understand that the wall around our house is only about 6 feet tall and our backyard is like a sardine can, they packed as many houses into as little space as they could, and we didn't even have landscaping yet so there was nothing blocking anyone from seeing me other than the dinky wall.

The only thing in my backyard was a concrete slab extending from our back sliding patio door and dirt. We didn't even have the canopy over the concrete slab like we do know so there was nothing blocking the view into my house.

Also not only were they building a house right behind me but to the right and left of that house as well and the three houses on the street behind me were all going to be two stories, they had just started and were just skeletons with no walls or anything yet.

I remember not really knowing what to do and just walking around the house a lot and making up excuses to be in the kitchen, dining room, and near my patio door which were all at the back of the house and near the large windows the workers could easily see through. I was so dumb, i remember reading the comics in the newspaper at the kitchen table. I also remember wanting to look out and see if anyone was watching me so bad but i was too scared to.

Anyway that went on for a while and it was a rush at first since the neighborhood and my yard was so barren that even a car going down the street, which was rare, could see right through my front windows and into my back yard. I got bored pretty fast mainly because i had no idea if they were watching me, I didn't know what to expect to happen but i could still hear them working so i figured they hadn't noticed.

I found my moms stretching mat or yoga mat or whatever in the garage packed away. I decided to actually go out back. I remember my heart pounding when i slid open the back door, it was really hot outside and the concrete was really hot too and i wasn't wearing shoes so i laid the mat down quickly to step on it and before i even got it rolled out I heard someone yell 'hey' and all of the sounds stopped.

I got down on the mat and started stretching. I had no idea what I was doing and in retrospect it must have been obvious, but after a few minutes I ran out of stretches that I only knew from gym class and watching TV, so I decided to start tanning, it was the only thing i could think of to do.

I was REALLY turned on, if i would have let myself look i easily could have made eye contact and carried on a conversation with one of the workers in the houses without even raising my voice, thats how small and close together the houses yards were.

I remember being really nervous but turned on at the same time and when one of the workers yelled "take it off" after I had laid down I didn't even acknowledge him I acted as if i had headphones on or something but I could hear them talking about me, and one of them said something like "she is just teasing", I couldn't quite make it out, so I sat up and took my bra off and tossed it near the door and laid back down.

When i did that i heard three or four guys cheer, i hadn't looked but from listening i guessed that there were about 3-4 guys in each of the three houses. I loved the attention i wont lie, but i was just as nervous as i was horny and i was so scared to look. I think i thought if i somehow made eye contact they would expect more from me, you know physically.

Anyway I laid there getting sun topless for what seemed like a while but i had no idea because i didn't have a watch or anything, but the entire time i didn't hear anyone working. After what seemed like forever but must have been only a minute or two i heard a different voice yell "show us more".

I wasn't sure at first, but I decided to keep my legs closed and I sat up and slipped my g string off without even looking in their direction and tossed it towards my bra and then laid back down.

I was trying to play it cool, i still don't know to this day if they knew how nervous i was or if they thought i was an experienced exhibitionist (i am now). But as i was pulling my g string down my legs i heard a couple gasps and it somehow got even quieter.

I was loving it big time and I really wanted to rub my clit or just touch myself in anyway. I could still hear them whispering things, I knew about me but I could only make out every couple of words. I turned onto my front at one point and when I did i caught in my peripheral vision a guy sitting on top of a beam at the back of the house right behind me, he must have been less then 20 feet away, i had no idea they were that close. This turned me on even more, and i felt so sexy with them all staring at me.

I remember trying to act cute or sexy but in a casual way, but you neve can when you know your being watched. I remember turning my face away and laughing at the fact that i was butt naked in front of a bunch of construction workers.

I really wanted to masturbate, and one of the workers started calling to me, he kept saying 'hey', over and over, finally to a point to where I had to acknowledge him. I finally turned over and looked up and had to squint since he was above me and it was bright out and i said "Whats up?" and he asked me how old i was and i told him I was seventeen.

At that i heard a lot of mixed reactions and the guy that asked seemed to be getting made fun of because i guess he thought he was gonna come down and hook up with me or something. It was hard to tell because half of them spoke spanish and half didn't.

I stood up while they argued with each other about my age, and they all stopped and watched me, I picked up my clothes and went inside but it didn't really stop them from seeing me cuz all the blinds were open. I got a drink of water and then i went to the back patio door and sat down with my legs closed.

I didn't look up to see if they were watching but i spread my legs and put each foot flat on the patio door and then started to masturbate. It was INTENSE, I lost count of how many orgasms i had because i started having wave after wave of them almost as soon as i started, its all really blurry but it was one of the most amazing experiences knowing they were all watching me. I had to force myself to stop because it actually started to hurt after a while. So after i was done I got up and just shut the blinds and then went around closing all the blinds still naked.

Problem was that word got out and all the workers now knew who i was, so every day when i walked to school at 7:30 in the morning i got whistled at and they would bring up what i had done, i didn't mind at first because literally no one was around but as more houses got built over the next several months other kids my age moved in and they started to ask me questions about it. I just told them that they were perverted and had seen me tanning one day with my clothes on but were just mad that i hadn't shown them more so they were trying to embarrass me. Some bought it some didn't.



by Anonymous on Sep 23, 2011 at 12:56 PM

I build houses. I wish I was around to see that. I've heard stories of things like this, but unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of it happening to me.

(2)  (2)

by Anonymous on Jan 6, 2019 at 1:06 AM

WOW! That was HOT!

(4)  (2)

by Anonymous on Jul 23, 2019 at 5:31 PM

I know what I would have done if you did that in front of my crew, don't care how old you were, you want to act like the slut, you will be used like a slut.

(8)  (8)

by Anonymous on Jul 23, 2020 at 12:03 PM

It's addictive, once you get a taste of exhibitionism you can't get enough. My wife likes to be watched all the time. We even have sex outside where we know we might get caught. It's awesome because she has these intense orgasms. I am wanting to get caught in some place remote enough to let the guy watch and maybe take a turn. She has no idea I have that fantasy.

(6)  (4)

by Anonymous on Oct 4, 2020 at 12:39 PM

I was never quite as daring as you. I still keep all my blinds partly open so they looked closed at first glance but if you tried you could still see in. I don't normally go naked when I'm alone. I'm mostly bottomless with a shirt or go topless in panties. When I have a man sleeping over I normally stay nude after sex until he leaves.

(7)  (2)

by XXXLanceALotXXX on Apr 6, 2022 at 9:33 PM

Very Sexy adventure...thanks for sharing. Would love to hear more of your adventures now that you're more experienced.

(1)  (2)

by Anonymous on Oct 25, 2022 at 5:56 AM

That is awesome. I would really like to hear more of your adventures. You rock.

(0)  (2)

by Darrell on May 15, 2023 at 8:10 PM

OK for a story, but,.. ALL I's ARE capitol letters. Not just the first I, in a sentence, or paragraph. Will make your tale, a lot easier to read. Keeps the mind from wandering, when faced with such a problem.

(0)  (2)

by Anonymous on Jul 18, 2023 at 7:29 AM

Not really the same . We had moved in to a new house . I was 24 . One day i was laying on a lounger . Reading a book and getting a tan , my wife had gone shopping . Our next door neighbour was laying on a longer in their yard reading . She was about 10 feet from me . We did not have any fences or walls . They still had to be built . She was wearing a short summer dresss . She stood up at my side of her lounger , and leaned over , away from me . To pick up her book from the floor . She had to stretch and bend over . This caused her dress to ride up . I was anticipating seeing her panties . To my delight , she was not wearing any . Her feet were speread apart . So her legs were apart . I was getting good look at her pussy . She was taking her time . I got an erection . I am sure she was getting a kick , from me watching her . I needed to go to inside to masturbate .

(2)  (2)

by Anonymous on Dec 16, 2023 at 11:33 PM

Loved your story because I had a similar experience when I was 17 and I was laying out sunning. But my experience was with the lawn crew. I was home alone and laying naked on my back. I heard them mowing the front yard and I was so horny I had the idea of tying myself to the lounge chair and put a sign that I wrote on it that said “ she’s here for you guys to have a great time with and consider her as a tip for doing a great job” . I was fucked senseless by 4 guys and they told me they’re coming back for more and they are bringing a few more friends.

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