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Okay-how many women on here admit to masturbating? Is a toy better than your fingers if so? Just wondering

  • I'm a long time lurker here. This is not a guilty confession, although no doubt I'll get many responses calling me names.

    I'm a woman whose 40th birthday is in the near future. I neither smoke or drink, do not go to bars, and have not been on a date in twelve years. I do not have random sexual encounters with men or my own gender. I do not even gamble. In other words I am as bland a person as is humanly imaginable.

    I met "Joshua" back in August. I was driving along when I sighted a curled up figure on the sidewalk. I stiopped and found a young boy crying in the rain. It seemed that his family had put him out of the car when they discovered that they didn't have enough money to feed all of them at a restaurant. I didn't believe it at first, but I would discover later it was true. When he gave me his address, I couldn't let him walk three miles in the rain back home, so I dropped him off. when we got to his house, he sat on the front porch in the rain because he had no way to get in. So of course I took him to my place. When I got him to go to the shower I saw the welts and bruises and scars on his torso. A call to Child Services got me a simple response of 'we can't comment on an open case but we will record your call'.

    Joshua became a regular visitor to my home. I lived a mile away from him but he didn't mind the walk. I was appalled by his scruffy appearance and tried to clean him up and get him some less shabby clothes. By contrast, the times I saw his parents they were dressed in new clothes and well-fed. I also treated his injuries when necessary.

    I don't recall when he began to spend the night, but he had his own pajamas and shower supplies and a small wardrobe at my place by the time school started. Often on the weeknights he would stay at my place. I tried once to call his parents and let him know where he would be sleeping, but as soon as I mentioned his name I got a screaming, swearing, violent tirade about how they were going to 'teach Joshua his place'. I never tried to talk to them again.

    It was the end of September that I woke up at night and felt the oddest sensation. I looked down and saw Joshua sucking on my toes. When he noticed that I was awake, he screamed and ran to a corner, putting up his arms like he expected me to hit him. I could only put my arms around him and hug him and try to calm him down. Eventually I was forced to take out one of my breasts and let him suckle until he calmed down. After he relaxed I told him he hadn't done anything wrong, just to ask first.

    From that point on, Joshua was sucking at my toes and fingers and nipples and earlobes. He'd lick any part of me that he could. And it didn't take long for me to copy him. He was so starved for affection and contact that he wanted yo experience my existence in every way he could. And I have to admit, I came to enjoy both giving and receiving.

    It was the middle of September that the constant mutual stimulation took on a sexual overtone. Our simple nighttime caresses suddenly became either dry-humping or energetic mutual masturbation through our nightclothes. I was the pone who suggested showering together, but it was Joshua that added digital penetration and oral sex to our list of pleasures. At every step I either rationalized it or simply ignored it. Even when he performed analingus and cunnilingus on me or I performed fellatio on him I found it in myself to not think of us as lovers.

    I was Halloween that turned the tide. We had our own private night, and I wore a short-skirted sexy Alice costume and he wore a Cheshire Cat costume as we handed out candy. At one point in the evening there was a lull and he had begum playing around under my skirt, and by this point in our relationship I thought nothing of it when he lowered by panties and began licking at my ass. In fact I got on my knees and leaned against the sofa to give him better access. When he put his arms around me and began rubbing his penis against my ass I understood what he was trying to do. And I understood that after all we had been through, this was the Point of No Return.

    So I told him to get the vagisil moisturizer from the bathroom. He understood and applied it on my rectum and worked it inside. He entered me with no problem. It only lasted a few minutes before he climaxed but it felt marvelous. I went without panties the rest of the evening and when we showered we consummated properly.

    Now that the last taboo was broken, we became lovers in earnest, and he began spending more and more time here. In the middle of December he finally stopped going home. He's been here six weeks now, still going to school. I called Child Services again this Monday and got the exact same response as last time. He's been away from home for six weeks and his parents haven't even reported him missing! Not to mention the stretches of time he spent here that apparently never got a red flag from anyone.

    Technically I am a horrible pervert and a criminal. But Joshua is safe, well-fed, loved, attending school, and not being beaten. So what if he's in my bed and my body? So what if he'd rather play with my box rather than the XBox? He's happy here. And I must admit so am I. I had not realized how empty my emotional life had become, nor how nice it was to have a real sex life.

    What are we? Lovers, I guess. In it's purest form.

    I grew up in an orphanage in Louisiana. From time to time we were allowed to make some money by working and that summer I was hired to help out on a farm. I was big enough to drive the tractor and the old man would tell me what to do, run the tractor here and there, and around noon he stopped me and told me to sit down and eat. I don't know if he was fifty or seventy, he was grey haired and had a body tan from working in the sun. We ate lunch under this tree and when he was done he stood up and unzipped his pants and let out his cock and started to pee right beside me, his pee splashing in the dirt.

    Living in the orphanage I saw lots of cocks, but they were all boy cocks, but his cock was not a boy's cock. He looked down at me while he peed and when he was done he asked me to kiss his cock, show some appreciation for him giving me a job to make some money. I kissed his cock and he said he wanted more, he wanted me to put my hot lips on his cock and show him that I really cared. I had seen boys suck other boys and I opened my mouth and took him in and sucked on him while he talked to me and ran his hand thru my hair. I have to admit that I liked it, I really liked it and I didn't want to stop and he could feel it and he just let me go on. After a while, who knows how long, he asked me if I wanted to pee because he wanted to watch me.

    He helped me get my cock out of my pants and he stood behind me holding my cook while I peed into the dirt while he rammed his hard cock against my ass. When I finished peeing he grabbed me hard and jacked me off while he rubbed his hard dick against me. Soon my pants were down and his hard dick was in my crack and he said he just had to show me how much he liked me and I got my first ever fucking right out there in the field his cock completely up my ass and he fucked until he squirted all his cum into my virgin ass. That night in bed in the dormitory I had my first ever wet dream.

    I didn't get paid that much, at that time minimum wage was 3.75 an hour and the work in the field was long hours of sweaty hard work, but his cock was always ready for me and he wanted to fuck and have his cock sucked and it was always on my mind. By the time the summer was over he had fucked me in the shed and with the smell of fertilizer and equipment oil and grease. At times when I am the agricultural supply store and get the smell of fertilizer I get memories of that summer and I get the urge to hook up with my friend and suck his cock.

  • When I was younger, my friend susan and I went to summer camp and she was a year older then me and a bit wilder. My parents thought it would be good for me to attend an all-girls camp and it would make me grow up. What my parents did not know is that the boys' camp was really just across the lake and a short hike.

    We spent the summer sneaking around and making out with the boys. There was a lot of heavy petting and my friend susan had convinced me to try giving a blowjob and had taught me how to do it and to pull out before he cums.

    I made terrific friends that summer of 1978 and I often wonder where some of those boys are today.

    I hate my neighbor for diffrent reasons than most. I hate him because I can't resist sex. My dad and mom get along with our neighbors great and I think they are like best friends. My parents don't know that when ever I get alone with him we either have sex, or I suck him, or somthing always happens. He is older than my dad and he is married and has children my age. I like haveing sex with him. I can't resist. When no one is home I come over and he licks my clit and I suck his cock. He fucks me all the time. This summer we had a pool party and we met in our bathroom and he took my bikini off and fucked me on the sink, while his wife and kids and my parents and some more of my friends were outside in our pool. It was amazing.

  • This whole Harvey Weinstein #metoo thing is a great thing for women who don't want to be harassed and assaulted and i support my sisters for that, nobody should have to do anyone they don't want to do, but it is really cramping my own style.

    Some women don't mind sleeping around at work especially if it gets you advanced. I am 34 and still a very attractive Latina, curvy and cute. And i don't mind flirting at work, or getting my bottom patted affectionately at work, it is a complement. I take it as proof my glutes and squats exercises are paying off. And for me personally doing some "favors" if it gets me a head of my male counter parts beats sleeping around for nothing. I am a senior photo editor on a pretty big magazine and while i don't put it on my resume, i am also not personally ashamed i've done lots of "favors" and out right put all the way out on my way up the ladder. And why not? This is a man's world, and unless I do something to literally take it, i'll lose it. I have something to offer my male counterparts don't so I use it and it works or ... at least use too work.

    Now with all the #metoo stuff senior men are running scared. The truth is they been fucking their employees behind their wives backs for years, it never really stopped even after all that women liberation BS. The have just been getting away with it as long as they found the right and willing employee and were discrete. I was that woman, but now even guys I "favored" or years are either scared to look me in the eye or are afraid i am going to rat them out. I wound never do that to anyone. If i favored you and you helped me out it is our secret. I don't kiss and tell and i defiantly suck and tell. And if we got further that then then you did enough to get me ahead that i am as grateful for the exchange as you were.

    I have never been forced or threaten, so i don't know what that would be like. I was always more the willing type, i want to reach the top. So i do feel bad for women who don't want to or who are faithful to there husbands, but me i only got a few years left before i start to loose my perks, and best selling parts. I am so close to the top, i just need to the heat to die down because i know a few more upward moves i favor on up too if executives where not all terrified right now. I know they men above me have done it before, if only there was a way they knew for sure i was safe.

    Fuck. just such bad timing.

    Just frustrated and honest.

    I have just arrived back from a business trip to London. On the way there I had an overnight stop in Seoul, at the Hyatt Incheon hotel. It is a great hotel with a wonderful indoor pool, next to the gym and sauna. There are individual sauna areas for men and women so total nudity is the form. I love being nude with men and had worked hard on my tan before heading off on this trip. I am 60 and have a very good toned body for my age. I also have a thong tan line and a very deep the little white waist band and triangle above my ass is very defined. After my work out were I had checked out the male eye candy, I left the gym figuring that the hottest guy in there would be finishing his work out pretty soon. We had made a bit of eye contact and I had made sure he saw me taking a good look at the package he carried in his tight lycra one piece. I undressed in the locker room and then went through to the basin area for a shave. I love to shave nude in gyms and spas and take my time so as any guys with any sort of inclination as possible get to see my gay signature - my thong tan line. The guy from the gym came in as I had hoped and I saw in the mirror that he paused to check out my ass when he passed the basin area on his way to the showers. I also got to see his nude young body... and felt my balls and cock stirring. I finished shaving and went to the shower area..a huge room with little buckets in front of each station..and a line of 6 or so western style showers...there were 5 guys taking showers and bucket baths..but no sign of the guy from the gym. I took a quick shower and headed for the sauna....there he was, standing leaning against the wall...nude with his huge erect cock in his hand...he smiled and just said I think this is what you are looking for. I went down on him immediately....taking as much of him into my mouth and down my throat as I could. I gave head for about 10 minutes and then pulled back and told him that I needed me...deep in me..we kissed and I gave him my room number..I took a shower and went to my suite. I pulled the curtains, set some mood lighting and music and a little sheer thong and robe. When he knocked on the door my cock filled my thong pouch...I opened it and he stood there in a robe, but he wasn't alone. Also dressed in a robe was probably the best looking Korean guy I had ever seen..he was totally gorgeous..they came into my room and I was speechless. The Korean slid his robe of to reveal his totally ripped muscled body and his long thick limp uncut shaft. My Gym jock said he hoped I didn't mind the extra body..I stammered some meaningless nonesense and let my robe fall to the cock and balls totally filled my thong pouch...The two guys were fondling each other..a little kissing and body rubbing..then we were on the bed... they put be gently on my front and spread my legs exposing the thong string in my ass...I felt a tongue..then fingers, more tongue and then the Korean entered me...the gym guy positioned himself in front of me so I could take him in my mouth again...I sucked as I was went on for what seemed for ass was on fire..being pounded deep as I gaged on cock...then they both my mouth and in my ass...spasm after spasm...thrust after thrust...then i was on my back, with my legs in the air while the Korean eat me out..filling his mouth with his cum as it spewed out of me...I swallowed as much cum from the other guy as I could...I had been totally consumed...and was still rigid...both guys were on the bed, there asses raised, their hot pink holes open and I fucked them both..moving from one hole to the other and back..fucking them both hard and deep. Whe I was ready to cum I pulled out and they put their mouths near my cock..when I shot they both slurped on my erupting shaft..taking as much of my cum as they could....I had not had raw unprotected sex for 30 years...and it was probably the craziest thing to do, but it was heaven...we fucked all night and into the be true, they fucked ..each other and my age I can cum a second time after sex but it takes about an hour or so....oh to be in my 20's again...they were insatiable..emptying load after load into me and each other....I flew on to London with my ass totally fucked and took 3 days before I was game to take a guy into me again...

    I was browsing stories here and read about a guy who enjoyed a Hilton experience. I thought I would share a ploy I have when I travel and stay in hotels.
    I am bi...well probably more gay really, but still married. I enjoy sex with men when I am away and can usually get a date with a guy to spend time in bed with. Hotel bars and spas...gyms etc,
    If I am unlucky and alone I have a ploy...I order room service at around 1am or have about a 99% chance they will send a guy at that hour. You also have about a 75% chance that he will be gay or bi...I go to the door in nice tight white bikini briefs which show my quite ample bulge (which I have helped along with a few strokes) and let him in...(I order an omelette which I leave until the morning and have at room temp which is fine lol). I will have gay porn on my laptop...not too obviously positioned but hard to miss... I engage in some chat and over the last maybe 15 years since I hit on this plan have had a better than 50% strike rate for at least a blow job 9either mutual or one way) but often a lot more. I am masturbating as I write this recalling some of the very hot young men whom I have enjoyed...try to hear your feedback...enjoy. mmmmmmm I have just ejaculated lol

    Sex With Son's Teachers

    I went to a morning school conference with my son's teacher and a specialist, both men. My son isn't doing well and they want him to see tutors and take special lessons at a different school in a bad area. The teacher said he should have stayed behind.

    I pleaded with them to help him. My husband is frustrated and thinks he's a dummy but he's not even 7 yet. The other school is known to be bad news. I was upset and didn't think as I reached forward to grab the teacher's hand and plead more. I had on a polo dress that was riding up because of the short seats in the classroom. When I leaned forward I spread my legs without thinking and my dress rode up to my lap. I didn't want panty lines so I didn't have panties on. Both men stared at my legs and looked up my dress while I held the teacher's hand and pleaded with them.

    The teacher got up and motioned the specialist to the door. They whispered. I realized they thought I was offering them sex to avoid having to enroll in the other school and go through all the steps they were suggesting. I sat upright, hands on my knees. My dress was still very short because of the chair.

    The specialist came over fist and said they would help. He took my hand and said, "Are you sure about this?" I nodded. The teacher closed and pulled the shade down on the door.

    The specialist led me by the hand to the teacher's desk. I knew what he wanted and walked forward to place my hands on the desk and lean over. The specialist asked "Would you rather we talk about the other school?" I shook my head no. He pulled up my dress from behind and the teacher joined behind me. The teacher rubbed my bottom and said, "Are you sure about this?" I had not intendeds for this to happen but in the moment I said, "Yes." "Do you have birth control?" the teacher asked. I said, "I'm okay." I closed my eyes and first the teacher then the specialist had sex with me.

    After, the specialist said, "Now if you report this we'll deny it and either way your son ends up at the other school." I promised it was just between us and repeated that I just want them to help my son. I thanked them both and left.

  • I Grimaced Accommodating His Thick Meat

    Being gay and married has its challenges but I have been living my life like this for long enough to know how to handle most things. Like where to hide my lingerie, lube and condoms.

    We live in the tropics and have a house girl so you can imagine what a fright I got when I opened my underwear draw and found a black MAN POWER lace thong, with the special pouch designed to accommodate a penis, neatly sitting with my normal underwear...I had packed it with my washing when leaving London and just put it all in the laundry basket.

    I am the Boss of the house so I was sure she wouldn't say anything to my wife and figured she would just think we had some kinky fun...

    I didn't count on her telling our garden boy about my special underwear...

    About a week after this event I was at home alone. My wife was away and the house girl had called in sick. I had forgotten the garden boy was due that day. I was on the terrace just in little bikini briefs when he called out to say hi. He came up to me and asked if I had anything special to get him to do in the garden. I noticed he took a decent look at my crotch which was bulging pretty nicely in the briefs. Then he smiled and said I reckon you would look even better in the lacey panties. I was really taken aback and my first thought was to give him a blast, but in the split second before letting rip I saw his smile and his bulging pants and I let my guard down. I knew I wanted him and it seemed he maybe wanted me...

    I asked if he would like some water and invited him in. My cock had swollen a bit with the whole event and was now looking like a good bulge should. I gave him the glass and said I would be right back. I went to our bedroom and changed into the lace cock filled the pouch...still not erect but very swollen. I got a condom out of my brief case and went back to the kitchen. He gasped as I entered. He silently mouthed fuck, and a huge grin spanned his face.

    "Is this the one you mean", I asked smiling. He nodded sheepishly and bit his bottom lip. His erection was clearly visible in his little shorts. I walked over to him and he knelt in front of me. His tongue ran over the strained lace pouch and then he took my cock out and wrapped his mouth around it. I pulled his head into me and face fucked him until I ejaculated down his throat. I pulled out of his mouth and asked him to undress. I handed him the condom and said I wanted him in me. He slid the condom onto his huge cock and I turned and rested my hands on the arms of the chair by the bench, pushing my ass out and arching my back...

    He entered me and drove his cock up inside me in one forceful movement pushing the lace thong string to the side. I grimaced accommodating his thick meat but I have had a lot of man meat in me and I knew how to push out to ease the friction. The he started to fuck me, and fuck me...hard and fast. He pulled out and took the condom off before ejaculating all over my back.

    I took him to our bedroom and to bed. We massaged and made out until we were both erect again and spent an hour of hot intense sex...
    I will have much more of him and his beautiful tanned muscled body.

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