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when i was younger my bf and i visited his family for the weekend. we had to share with his younger brother but couldnt help it one night after a few glasses of wine so i climber on him and started to ride him slowly and quietly. I look up to notice his brother watching us whilst pretending to sleep but carry on regardless, playing with my tits making eye contact with him throughout whilst bouncing up and down on his brothers big cock. By the look on the brothers face he had his hand on his dick and Im pretty damn sure i made two brothers cum and pretty much the same time which, strangely, im quite proud of.

My bf and I broke up a couple of years later and since then i have bumped into his brother a couple of times.... both times have resulted in me being bent over and having his dick slipped into me.... to my delight as he's a good inch or two bigger than his brother. :)

I am insanely attracted to my son and it's getting hard to fight. To give some back story, I divorced his father about 5 years ago and haven't had sex at all. Plus his father and I hadn't touched each other in ages before the split up.

My son is 23. He's tall, handsome smile, muscular chest, beautiful dark hair. He makes me feel like I'm some naive horny school girl again.
This started when he was about 16 and only gets worse and he gets older.

Due to fear of his disgust I never had trouble fighting these urges. But the other night I found some mom/son i****t porn in his search history. I know I shouldn't have invaded his privacy but I wanted to see what he was into and figured he had tons of porn in his history. He did and over half was mom/son.

My stomach filled with butterflies and my pussy was throbbing. I watched a few and they were insanely hot. It was obviously just pornstars roleplayimg but hot none the less.

Now knowing he watched those makes it harder to fight. I wonder if he wants to fuck me or if he just likes the fantasy and would rather it be a different older woman.

It's been so hard not to climb in his bed every night. Last night I was touching myself while watching him sleep. I've never wanted a man more than I do my boy.

Should I move on these feelings? If so how? I'm at a loss. Anyone with any advice please let me know. I can't fight it much longer.

This whole Harvey Weinstein #metoo thing is a great thing for women who don't want to be harassed and assaulted and i support my sisters for that, nobody should have to do anyone they don't want to do, but it is really cramping my own style.

Some women don't mind sleeping around at work especially if it gets you advanced. I am 34 and still a very attractive Latina, curvy and cute. And i don't mind flirting at work, or getting my bottom patted affectionately at work, it is a complement. I take it as proof my glutes and squats exercises are paying off. And for me personally doing some "favors" if it gets me a head of my male counter parts beats sleeping around for nothing. I am a senior photo editor on a pretty big magazine and while i don't put it on my resume, i am also not personally ashamed i've done lots of "favors" and out right put all the way out on my way up the ladder. And why not? This is a man's world, and unless I do something to literally take it, i'll lose it. I have something to offer my male counterparts don't so I use it and it works or ... at least use too work.

Now with all the #metoo stuff senior men are running scared. The truth is they been fucking their employees behind their wives backs for years, it never really stopped even after all that women liberation BS. The have just been getting away with it as long as they found the right and willing employee and were discrete. I was that woman, but now even guys I "favored" or years are either scared to look me in the eye or are afraid i am going to rat them out. I wound never do that to anyone. If i favored you and you helped me out it is our secret. I don't kiss and tell and i defiantly suck and tell. And if we got further that then then you did enough to get me ahead that i am as grateful for the exchange as you were.

I have never been forced or threaten, so i don't know what that would be like. I was always more the willing type, i want to reach the top. So i do feel bad for women who don't want to or who are faithful to there husbands, but me i only got a few years left before i start to loose my perks, and best selling parts. I am so close to the top, i just need to the heat to die down because i know a few more upward moves i favor on up too if executives where not all terrified right now. I know they men above me have done it before, if only there was a way they knew for sure i was safe.

Fuck. just such bad timing.

Just frustrated and honest.

A few years ago I got married and things are still going great but I still need to tell my husband something. We were married at a where we were going to have our honeymoon so we had our cabin on the lake that I used to get ready. Before the wedding my bridesmaid and I were hanging out, and one thing lead to another and I ended up having lesbian sex with my bridesmaid like 20mins before the wedding started. I still haven't told him, I don't think he'll be mad but I'm still not sure if I should tell him.

I am bi and was recently single and went online on a gay website to see if I could find a fuckbuddy. My gf and I had just broken up and I was in the mood for non-committal fun.

I noticed one of the guys had taken a self-picture in a mirror of a gym - but not just any gym - the one in my condo building. I recognized the colour of the walls and the equipment.

So I started chatting him up and he was actually a very nice guy ! He told me that he was bi and just curious and was afraid to meet. I showed him a fake picture so he wouldn't recognize me in the elevators as I was a bit apprehensive as he was my neighbour.

I started hanging out at the gym and sure enough, on the second day he came in. I chatted him up a bit and he had no idea that I knew he was bi and that he had been on a gay site.

We went in the changeroom and I purposely got naked in the shower and pranced around the changeroom. I then followed him in the sauna and I let my big cock hang out for him to enjoy. I was purposely getting up and putting water on the oven rocks so he could look at my back and my nice muscular ass.

Nothing happened but he asked me if I would get together with him for dinner and drinks. We did meet and we have been having amazing sex - this guy told me that I seem to be reading his mind. Well he doesn't know or realize that we chat online and we talk about sex and he tells me all of his desires and fetishes. He even shared that he had met a guy and goes in great details.

I feel a bit bad because I hid from him because I was shy and not for the intention of being deceitful. But for once I get a lover that indirectly tells me his wants and needs and what he loves in the bedroom everytime we chat online.

I hope he never finds out that his lover and his internet buddy are the "same" person.

To start off, I guess I was a typical horny teenager. I got into porn by the time I was 15. I'm an only child, with 2 parents who both worked. I had far too much time to myself to get into trouble. I had the occasional girlfriend and started having sex when I was 16, but more often than not, I was always in my room on the computer getting into more and more porn.

I was also 16 when I first came across "i****t" themed porn. It didn't really jump out at me right away. Outside of it being impossible to ignore my mom's big tits, I had never really thought about her that way. After seeing enough of the porn, I started to get into the idea more and definitely started thinking about my mom. Every once in a while I'd go and get some of her panties and jerk off into them, being careful not to get any cum on them. It was shortly after my 17th birthday when one morning my dad angrily approached me, with my mother slowly walking behind him. I was always very careful about deleting my browser history and all that, but somehow I must have forgotten to just once, and that's all it took for my parents to find that I had been looking at/watching the mom/son themed stuff. I was mortified as my dad yelled at me and wound up kicking my ass pretty good. I was already bigger than him at that point, but I wasn't going to hit my dad. Mom was basically silent. I could tell she wasn't happy with him taking it so far. My dad left when he was done with me, and mom came and patted my head and then followed him. That was the end of it, or so I thought. I even stopped looking at the mom/son stuff, out of fear of what would happen if I got caught again.

A year passed. It was a few days after I turned 18. Mom had a day off from work and was there when I got home from my shitty job that I had gotten after I finished high school. We made small talk for a while. Eventually, she got kind of quiet and I asked her "what's wrong?" and she told me "oh nothing. Just thinking. Bills, you know?" I dismissed it as just that.

A few minutes later, still quiet, mom asked me "Andrew... do you still think about it?"

Being clueless, I asked "think about what?"

I was sitting on the couch, as she stood over by the recliner and folded laundry. I looked at her as she paused and quietly said "you know... me. Us."

My mind raced. I knew exactly what she was talking about. And yes, I had very much been thinking about her, us. She's a milf, for lack of a better term. 46 years old at that point. 5'5", long brown hair with gray mixed in. Nice, thick figure. Huge tits. I had always imagined what they must look like out of bra and shirt.

I sat, frozen. I let out with several stutters "what? That? Maybe. Why? I mean... honestly, yes. I'm sorry. Why?"

She said "it's okay, sweetie. I've thought about it, too."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I stared into my lap nervously for a bit, before looking over at my beautiful mother, who was staring straight at me. She was blushing and smiling. She asked me "what do you like about it? You know... does the mother/son thing turn you on? Is it me?"

Still nervous as fuck, still sort of stuttering, I told her "well, I guess it's both? I think the idea is hot. And you... look at you. You're hot." If I could do it over I'd have probably told her she was beautiful, or sexy, or something more flattering than "hot", lol. But being 18 and nervous, that's what I blurred out. And lucky for me, she loved it.

"What about you? You've thought about it? What do you like about it?" I asked her.

"It's very naughty. I can't put my finger on it, but I haven't been able to stop wondering what it'd be like. And you're very handsome, Andrew."

By now my imagination was in full swing. The thought of doing anything with my mother was enough to give me a full out erection already. She noticed, as I failed to hide it.

She walked over to me, leaned over, and rubbed my cock through my pants. "Why don't you come with me? Let's stop wondering."

She didn't have to tell me twice. We held hands as we walked to mom and dad's bedroom. She told me to get undressed as she headed into their bathroom and shut the door. I quickly undressed and waited. A few minutes passed, and she opened the bathroom door. There stood my mother, wearing this red piece of lingerie and black high heels. She stood in her best "sexy pose" as I stared at her gorgeous body shown off by the see through top of the lingerie.

I was sitting on the bed as she walked towards me. My heart was pounding. She sat next to me and we started to kiss. Passionately. Only seconds had passed before we leaned back and laid down on the bed, continuing to kiss. I felt her up and down. The girls I had been with before couldn't compare to the curves she has. And the kissing was great.

Soon enough, she got into a different position. I knew what was coming. She paused for a moment, as her hand wrapped around my cock, and then she looked at me and said with a smile "you're much bigger than your father. Just so you know." And then she took my cock in her mouth. At first I laid still as she sucked my cock. A few minutes had passed before I sat up a bit, reached down, and put my hand on the top of her head. I ran my hand through her hair, before pushing down on her head and forcing my cock into her throat. She pulled off and excitedly said "that's it baby, make mommy do what you want." And then she took my cock back in her mouth.

I'm not sure how long it went on like that, with me occasionally pushing down on her head. There were times where I think she was going to pull off for a break, but I kept her head down. When I felt myself getting close, I held her head down and began to fuck her mouth. She made distressed sounds but I was so close, I kept going until I was cumming in her mouth and throat. When I was done and let her up, she coughed and caught her breath, and then swallowed my cum.

She stood up in front of me and asked me "so what do you think we should do now?" with a huge smile on her face. I stood and got very close to her. I slid the straps of her lingerie down to the sides and exposed those gorgeous, huge tits of hers. I played with them for a bit, getting a bit rough at times. I also reached behind her and grabbed her ass for a while, and told her "you're so fucking sexy, mom."

She grabbed my cock and said "so are you, Andrew... son."

I pushed her onto the bed. She slipped off her panties and the heels came off. She spread her legs as I shoved them open further. To this day, I'm not sure that anything can beat the excitement of that first time I shoved my cock inside my mom and she yelled "oh my god baby yes! Take me!" I can picture it like it was yesterday. And, I took her.

I didn't even bother starting slow. I knew I was good to go for a while, having already cum once from the blowjob. I fucked her hard and fast, as she moaned loudly. I was rough and I moved around a lot. Her legs out wide, me leaning onto her and putting my hands on her head to pull her towards me; or her legs up on my shoulders, as I leaned down on her and tried to fuck the life out of my mother. She was enjoying every second of it. At one point during a position change, she started fingering herself with me still inside her. I moved her hand out of the way and started to finger her instead, as I very slowly moved my cock in and ..(continue confession)

I'm a 25 year old guy, last saturday me and three good friends that I work with went on a hiking trip. Two of them are married, me and the other one are single, but he's engaged, and to be married in april. We each had our own pup tents, and after hiking to the camping spot we'ed picke out, got came set up. It had been a good day, and after supper we just sat around the fire and shot the bull till about 10:30 when we turned in. About 30 minutes later I heard somebody come into my tent, I was laying on my stomach, and hadn't went to sleep yet. Then I felt the blanket being raised up, then a hand was on my ass, I prentended to be asleep, then his fingers were under the leg band of the bikini panties I wear. And then I was feeling his finger probing my ass, and a few seconds later he was finger fucking me. I had no idea who it was, but I was liking what he was doing, and I responded to it by spreading my legs. He knew then that I wasn't asleep, but never said anything. A little while later he had my panties off, got on top of me, I felt the tip of his cock between my cheeks, and then his cock was buried in my ass. His face was right next to mine, and as he started stroking, he started kissing my neck and ear. I pushed up to him letting him know that I liked what he was doing, and aslo knew that he was making me his bitch. And he responded by pounding me harder, and it wasn't very long till he was pumping his load in me. He got off and quickly left, I found my undies, put them back on, and then spent the next hour trying to figure out who I'd just let fuck me. It hadn't been the first time, but I'd never even thought about any of the guys I was with, But one of them must have heard, or felt something and took a chance, and he ended up hitting a home run. The next morning was kind of ackward at first, but none of them acted any different than the day before, as we started hiking that morning I was a little embarrassed wondering which one I'd let fuck me last night, and wondering what they were thinking. But the day went well, and when I was dropped off at my house I still had no idea which one of them had introduced his cock to my ass and made me his bitch.

My GF and I were seniors in high school this year. My birthday was a few days before the last day of school. She had been joking around for quite a while about her giving me a birthday spanking and how red my bottom was going to be after 18 good hard smacks. She'd make comments like that in front of her friends and other members of the cheerleading squad and liked the way it made me blush, I guess.

Two days before my birthday, we had been gathering up books and other stuff that had to be turned into the school before we could graduate. I said that it was too bad she had to return the cheerleading uniform because if I was going to get a bare-assed spanking from her, I'd like her to wear her uniform with the short skirt. She just looked at me with an odd smile.

We were going out to dinner on my birthday and she said I should come by a little early to pick her up because it wasn't a real birthday without a birthday spanking. I wasn't sure what to expect - we haven't been going out for very long (about a year) and she sounded way more into this spanking thing than I expected. After all, it was all a joke, right?

I got to her house and she opened the door wearing her uniform. Our school had gone a little retro and the girls' uniforms had pleated skirts and short sleeve sweaters. She stood in the door way wearing this short pleated skirt and holding a ping pong paddle. "Welcome, birthday boy. Happy Birthday!".

I went inside and followed her into the living room. Seated on the sofa were three other girls from the squad - also in their uniforms. They sang Happy Birthday to me and each one of them pulled out a ping pong paddle. I guess it looked like I was going to bolt because my GF grabbed my arm as another grabbed my other arm. "Not so fast" a third one said as she unhooked my belt and pulled down my pants. A second later I was face down on the sofa across my GF's lap. She stroked and patted my ass as she told the other girls that I had asked to get my birthday spanking from a group of cheerleaders. I hadn't, but this didn't seem to be time to say anything. I got a boner immediately which my GF thought was quite funny. "You can't see it girls, but he's getting pretty excited." She reached between my legs and stroked my cock and balls a few times. "I don't think these little underpants are fitting too well. We ought to get rid of them." Then a moment later, she pulled them down to my knees.

After telling me to hold still, she began spanking me with her hand. The girls in the room counted each smack out loud, giggling and laughing the whole time. When she got to 11 or 12, she said "Oh my, I forgot the paddle. Let's just start over." Her hand spanking didn't really hurt much but the paddle certainly did. All the wiggling and squirming around on her lap made all of the girls laugh. Rubbing my cock around on my GF's lap made me cum all over her legs. She stopped (at spank 16, I think) and made me get up. "It's a good thing you missed my skirt, you naughty boy.". Someone got a tissue, my GF wiped us both off and I laid back over her lap. We had to start over again.

When the spanking was over, each of the others took a turn on the sofa and I got 19 (one to grow on!) from each of the other 3. Somewhere along the way my underpants had come off completely. I got hard again during the second round of paddling and stayed hard through the end of the last spanking. In all, I guess I got over a hundred swats from these girls. When the last one finished, my GF put her hand on my ass and teasingly rubbed it back and forth while she scolded me for making such a mess. She asked me if I thought the girls should help her punish me for almost squirting all over her uniform skirt or if we should take care of it privately. I don't think I said anything coherent. She smacked me again with the paddle and said she'd talk it over with the girls and let me know.

They let me up and handed me my clothes. Instead of my briefs, they gave me a pair of the uniform panties they wear under their skirts. "Your ass is pretty sore and we thought you'd prefer these instead of your scratchy cotton briefs." I said I'd prefer my own underwear. My GF said that if I didn't take the panties, they'd put them on me anyway and I could go to dinner wearing her uniform.

School is out, graduation was last weekend and when I see any of the three girls now, they giggle, ask me how I enjoyed my birthday and one will sometimes give me a quick pat on the ass. My GF still hasn't said much about "punishing" me for my accident while over her lap except that she hasn't forgotten.

I was browsing stories here and read about a guy who enjoyed a Hilton experience. I thought I would share a ploy I have when I travel and stay in hotels.
I am bi...well probably more gay really, but still married. I enjoy sex with men when I am away and can usually get a date with a guy to spend time in bed with. Hotel bars and spas...gyms etc,
If I am unlucky and alone I have a ploy...I order room service at around 1am or have about a 99% chance they will send a guy at that hour. You also have about a 75% chance that he will be gay or bi...I go to the door in nice tight white bikini briefs which show my quite ample bulge (which I have helped along with a few strokes) and let him in...(I order an omelette which I leave until the morning and have at room temp which is fine lol). I will have gay porn on my laptop...not too obviously positioned but hard to miss... I engage in some chat and over the last maybe 15 years since I hit on this plan have had a better than 50% strike rate for at least a blow job 9either mutual or one way) but often a lot more. I am masturbating as I write this recalling some of the very hot young men whom I have enjoyed...try to hear your feedback...enjoy. mmmmmmm I have just ejaculated lol

I Grimaced Accommodating His Thick Meat

Being gay and married has its challenges but I have been living my life like this for long enough to know how to handle most things. Like where to hide my lingerie, lube and condoms.

We live in the tropics and have a house girl so you can imagine what a fright I got when I opened my underwear draw and found a black MAN POWER lace thong, with the special pouch designed to accommodate a penis, neatly sitting with my normal underwear...I had packed it with my washing when leaving London and just put it all in the laundry basket.

I am the Boss of the house so I was sure she wouldn't say anything to my wife and figured she would just think we had some kinky fun...

I didn't count on her telling our garden boy about my special underwear...

About a week after this event I was at home alone. My wife was away and the house girl had called in sick. I had forgotten the garden boy was due that day. I was on the terrace just in little bikini briefs when he called out to say hi. He came up to me and asked if I had anything special to get him to do in the garden. I noticed he took a decent look at my crotch which was bulging pretty nicely in the briefs. Then he smiled and said I reckon you would look even better in the lacey panties. I was really taken aback and my first thought was to give him a blast, but in the split second before letting rip I saw his smile and his bulging pants and I let my guard down. I knew I wanted him and it seemed he maybe wanted me...

I asked if he would like some water and invited him in. My cock had swollen a bit with the whole event and was now looking like a good bulge should. I gave him the glass and said I would be right back. I went to our bedroom and changed into the lace cock filled the pouch...still not erect but very swollen. I got a condom out of my brief case and went back to the kitchen. He gasped as I entered. He silently mouthed fuck, and a huge grin spanned his face.

"Is this the one you mean", I asked smiling. He nodded sheepishly and bit his bottom lip. His erection was clearly visible in his little shorts. I walked over to him and he knelt in front of me. His tongue ran over the strained lace pouch and then he took my cock out and wrapped his mouth around it. I pulled his head into me and face fucked him until I ejaculated down his throat. I pulled out of his mouth and asked him to undress. I handed him the condom and said I wanted him in me. He slid the condom onto his huge cock and I turned and rested my hands on the arms of the chair by the bench, pushing my ass out and arching my back...

He entered me and drove his cock up inside me in one forceful movement pushing the lace thong string to the side. I grimaced accommodating his thick meat but I have had a lot of man meat in me and I knew how to push out to ease the friction. The he started to fuck me, and fuck me...hard and fast. He pulled out and took the condom off before ejaculating all over my back.

I took him to our bedroom and to bed. We massaged and made out until we were both erect again and spent an hour of hot intense sex...
I will have much more of him and his beautiful tanned muscled body.

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