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I have 2 daughters and a son in there mid teens, and in the way that is natural for teens there age, they have sex together. (I understand that some people frown on this) but I really do think it's better for them to fulfill their needs and experiment in the safety of the family. it certainly was for me.

but the reason I'm here is, when I was younger I would enjoy my brother, but never considered doing anything with my sisters. never mind how much I was pestered to do so. but both my girls play together.

so am I the odd one out or are they?

thanks Ann

I want to fuck my mother. I want my dad and I to fuck her at the same time. To fuck her every way possible. Double penetrate her. For us to both fuck her and fill her ass at the same time and then do it to her pussy. I do not know how to get her to know I am this attracted to her and want to do dirty things to her. I know her and my father fuck regularly and I also know how much she loves erotica and to play with toys. I want to see my mother model lingerie in front of me and my dad and then for us to fuck her in it. For her to take us by both our hard cocks and lead us into her ass and pussy and make her have as many orgasms as humanely possible. For us to both cum inside of her at the same time as she has her last orgasm. The state I live in, i****t is actually legal between two consenting adults. I just need her to forget about any ethical boundaries and for her to consent to fucking her son. Once she realizes how much fun we can have, I think this may work. I want to find a way to seduce her or to bring her around to the idea.

I"m a student on campus and I posted on a gay bulleting board that I was looking for someone to hook-up and I got an answer from this dude and he told me to go to the fourth floor bathroom way at the back of the Law Building. He told me he was free anytime, morning, mid-morning, afternoon, late I agreed to meet him there at 11:00am.

I did as planned, went to the first bathroom stall and waited. A few minutes later, the guy showed up and he went in the stall next to me. He then told me to remove the spare toilet paper holder and to my surprise, it just came off and there was a large hole that had been drilled out.

I heard him start undoing his belt buckle and I did the same and put my cock through the hole. He sucked me gently and deeply and after good 10 minute sloppy wet bj, I came in his mouth. He then poked his cock in the hole.

He had a nice thick cock, with a big mushroom head, he was fair skin with light blonde pubic hair. I got on my knees and sucked him and totally enjoyed his tasty cock. He was pumping my mouth through the hole and he eventually exploded in my mouth.

I heard him get dressed again and I noticed that his blue pants had a light stripe along the side. He told me out loud on the way out of the bathroom that he wanted my cock again and that he would contact me by email to do this. I replaced the toilet holder and blocked the hole and left.

A few days later, I was walking to class and when I passed the security desk at the Law Building, I noticed that the security woman was wearing blue pants with a light stripe that looked awfully familiar. The next morning, I decided to go for a walk and sure enough, there was a cute blonde guy behind the desk in full uniform. He was about 24, baby faced and light skinned.

I met this guy three times a week for at least two years and the hole almost became an addiction. His smell and taste was so familiar to me that I would wake-up in the middle of the night wanting more.

I never told anyone even my roomates.

I'm a long time lurker here. This is not a guilty confession, although no doubt I'll get many responses calling me names.

I'm a woman whose 40th birthday is in the near future. I neither smoke or drink, do not go to bars, and have not been on a date in twelve years. I do not have random sexual encounters with men or my own gender. I do not even gamble. In other words I am as bland a person as is humanly imaginable.

I met "Joshua" back in August. I was driving along when I sighted a curled up figure on the sidewalk. I stiopped and found a young boy crying in the rain. It seemed that his family had put him out of the car when they discovered that they didn't have enough money to feed all of them at a restaurant. I didn't believe it at first, but I would discover later it was true. When he gave me his address, I couldn't let him walk three miles in the rain back home, so I dropped him off. when we got to his house, he sat on the front porch in the rain because he had no way to get in. So of course I took him to my place. When I got him to go to the shower I saw the welts and bruises and scars on his torso. A call to Child Services got me a simple response of 'we can't comment on an open case but we will record your call'.

Joshua became a regular visitor to my home. I lived a mile away from him but he didn't mind the walk. I was appalled by his scruffy appearance and tried to clean him up and get him some less shabby clothes. By contrast, the times I saw his parents they were dressed in new clothes and well-fed. I also treated his injuries when necessary.

I don't recall when he began to spend the night, but he had his own pajamas and shower supplies and a small wardrobe at my place by the time school started. Often on the weeknights he would stay at my place. I tried once to call his parents and let him know where he would be sleeping, but as soon as I mentioned his name I got a screaming, swearing, violent tirade about how they were going to 'teach Joshua his place'. I never tried to talk to them again.

It was the end of September that I woke up at night and felt the oddest sensation. I looked down and saw Joshua sucking on my toes. When he noticed that I was awake, he screamed and ran to a corner, putting up his arms like he expected me to hit him. I could only put my arms around him and hug him and try to calm him down. Eventually I was forced to take out one of my breasts and let him suckle until he calmed down. After he relaxed I told him he hadn't done anything wrong, just to ask first.

From that point on, Joshua was sucking at my toes and fingers and nipples and earlobes. He'd lick any part of me that he could. And it didn't take long for me to copy him. He was so starved for affection and contact that he wanted yo experience my existence in every way he could. And I have to admit, I came to enjoy both giving and receiving.

It was the middle of September that the constant mutual stimulation took on a sexual overtone. Our simple nighttime caresses suddenly became either dry-humping or energetic mutual masturbation through our nightclothes. I was the pone who suggested showering together, but it was Joshua that added digital penetration and oral sex to our list of pleasures. At every step I either rationalized it or simply ignored it. Even when he performed analingus and cunnilingus on me or I performed fellatio on him I found it in myself to not think of us as lovers.

I was Halloween that turned the tide. We had our own private night, and I wore a short-skirted sexy Alice costume and he wore a Cheshire Cat costume as we handed out candy. At one point in the evening there was a lull and he had begum playing around under my skirt, and by this point in our relationship I thought nothing of it when he lowered by panties and began licking at my ass. In fact I got on my knees and leaned against the sofa to give him better access. When he put his arms around me and began rubbing his penis against my ass I understood what he was trying to do. And I understood that after all we had been through, this was the Point of No Return.

So I told him to get the vagisil moisturizer from the bathroom. He understood and applied it on my rectum and worked it inside. He entered me with no problem. It only lasted a few minutes before he climaxed but it felt marvelous. I went without panties the rest of the evening and when we showered we consummated properly.

Now that the last taboo was broken, we became lovers in earnest, and he began spending more and more time here. In the middle of December he finally stopped going home. He's been here six weeks now, still going to school. I called Child Services again this Monday and got the exact same response as last time. He's been away from home for six weeks and his parents haven't even reported him missing! Not to mention the stretches of time he spent here that apparently never got a red flag from anyone.

Technically I am a horrible pervert and a criminal. But Joshua is safe, well-fed, loved, attending school, and not being beaten. So what if he's in my bed and my body? So what if he'd rather play with my box rather than the XBox? He's happy here. And I must admit so am I. I had not realized how empty my emotional life had become, nor how nice it was to have a real sex life.

What are we? Lovers, I guess. In it's purest form.

This whole Harvey Weinstein #metoo thing is a great thing for women who don't want to be harassed and assaulted and i support my sisters for that, nobody should have to do anyone they don't want to do, but it is really cramping my own style.

Some women don't mind sleeping around at work especially if it gets you advanced. I am 34 and still a very attractive Latina, curvy and cute. And i don't mind flirting at work, or getting my bottom patted affectionately at work, it is a complement. I take it as proof my glutes and squats exercises are paying off. And for me personally doing some "favors" if it gets me a head of my male counter parts beats sleeping around for nothing. I am a senior photo editor on a pretty big magazine and while i don't put it on my resume, i am also not personally ashamed i've done lots of "favors" and out right put all the way out on my way up the ladder. And why not? This is a man's world, and unless I do something to literally take it, i'll lose it. I have something to offer my male counterparts don't so I use it and it works or ... at least use too work.

Now with all the #metoo stuff senior men are running scared. The truth is they been fucking their employees behind their wives backs for years, it never really stopped even after all that women liberation BS. The have just been getting away with it as long as they found the right and willing employee and were discrete. I was that woman, but now even guys I "favored" or years are either scared to look me in the eye or are afraid i am going to rat them out. I wound never do that to anyone. If i favored you and you helped me out it is our secret. I don't kiss and tell and i defiantly suck and tell. And if we got further that then then you did enough to get me ahead that i am as grateful for the exchange as you were.

I have never been forced or threaten, so i don't know what that would be like. I was always more the willing type, i want to reach the top. So i do feel bad for women who don't want to or who are faithful to there husbands, but me i only got a few years left before i start to loose my perks, and best selling parts. I am so close to the top, i just need to the heat to die down because i know a few more upward moves i favor on up too if executives where not all terrified right now. I know they men above me have done it before, if only there was a way they knew for sure i was safe.

Fuck. just such bad timing.

Just frustrated and honest.

My GF and I were seniors in high school this year. My birthday was a few days before the last day of school. She had been joking around for quite a while about her giving me a birthday spanking and how red my bottom was going to be after 18 good hard smacks. She'd make comments like that in front of her friends and other members of the cheerleading squad and liked the way it made me blush, I guess.

Two days before my birthday, we had been gathering up books and other stuff that had to be turned into the school before we could graduate. I said that it was too bad she had to return the cheerleading uniform because if I was going to get a bare-assed spanking from her, I'd like her to wear her uniform with the short skirt. She just looked at me with an odd smile.

We were going out to dinner on my birthday and she said I should come by a little early to pick her up because it wasn't a real birthday without a birthday spanking. I wasn't sure what to expect - we haven't been going out for very long (about a year) and she sounded way more into this spanking thing than I expected. After all, it was all a joke, right?

I got to her house and she opened the door wearing her uniform. Our school had gone a little retro and the girls' uniforms had pleated skirts and short sleeve sweaters. She stood in the door way wearing this short pleated skirt and holding a ping pong paddle. "Welcome, birthday boy. Happy Birthday!".

I went inside and followed her into the living room. Seated on the sofa were three other girls from the squad - also in their uniforms. They sang Happy Birthday to me and each one of them pulled out a ping pong paddle. I guess it looked like I was going to bolt because my GF grabbed my arm as another grabbed my other arm. "Not so fast" a third one said as she unhooked my belt and pulled down my pants. A second later I was face down on the sofa across my GF's lap. She stroked and patted my ass as she told the other girls that I had asked to get my birthday spanking from a group of cheerleaders. I hadn't, but this didn't seem to be time to say anything. I got a boner immediately which my GF thought was quite funny. "You can't see it girls, but he's getting pretty excited." She reached between my legs and stroked my cock and balls a few times. "I don't think these little underpants are fitting too well. We ought to get rid of them." Then a moment later, she pulled them down to my knees.

After telling me to hold still, she began spanking me with her hand. The girls in the room counted each smack out loud, giggling and laughing the whole time. When she got to 11 or 12, she said "Oh my, I forgot the paddle. Let's just start over." Her hand spanking didn't really hurt much but the paddle certainly did. All the wiggling and squirming around on her lap made all of the girls laugh. Rubbing my cock around on my GF's lap made me cum all over her legs. She stopped (at spank 16, I think) and made me get up. "It's a good thing you missed my skirt, you naughty boy.". Someone got a tissue, my GF wiped us both off and I laid back over her lap. We had to start over again.

When the spanking was over, each of the others took a turn on the sofa and I got 19 (one to grow on!) from each of the other 3. Somewhere along the way my underpants had come off completely. I got hard again during the second round of paddling and stayed hard through the end of the last spanking. In all, I guess I got over a hundred swats from these girls. When the last one finished, my GF put her hand on my ass and teasingly rubbed it back and forth while she scolded me for making such a mess. She asked me if I thought the girls should help her punish me for almost squirting all over her uniform skirt or if we should take care of it privately. I don't think I said anything coherent. She smacked me again with the paddle and said she'd talk it over with the girls and let me know.

They let me up and handed me my clothes. Instead of my briefs, they gave me a pair of the uniform panties they wear under their skirts. "Your ass is pretty sore and we thought you'd prefer these instead of your scratchy cotton briefs." I said I'd prefer my own underwear. My GF said that if I didn't take the panties, they'd put them on me anyway and I could go to dinner wearing her uniform.

School is out, graduation was last weekend and when I see any of the three girls now, they giggle, ask me how I enjoyed my birthday and one will sometimes give me a quick pat on the ass. My GF still hasn't said much about "punishing" me for my accident while over her lap except that she hasn't forgotten.

Last summer I was horny and started chatting with a guy online. He invited me over his house and gave me the most amazing head.

I have a good size cock and he totally swallowed every inch of me and had me moaning and wanting more. I came three times and he totally swallowed every drop.

I am a straight guy and now I do have an idea why guys like guys. My cock has never been the same since !

When I was around 13 or 14, my best friend (who was a year younger) and I spent the night at each others houses a lot. On hot summer nights, at his house, we would sneak over to the neighborhood swimming pool a block away around 2 in the morning and go skinny dipping. It was a great way to beat the heat and was kind of exciting, too!

I remember one time, at my house, we camped out in the backyard in a tent. We decided to go streaking (it was my suggestion) through the neighborhood late at night. When we were getting undressed in the dark tent I remember laughing. He asked what was so funny and I told him I was getting a boner. He said he was too! When we went out into the moonlit yard we could slightly make out each others erections. I remember him saying " wow, man, yours is kinda big!" and even though we couldn't really see in the darkness, I told him his was too. We ran around the neighborhood a little while and came back to the tent. We talked as we lay in that dark tent and he confided that one of the other kids we ran around with always made fun of him to the others by saying he didn't have any pubic hair and he was getting tired of it. I told him that I had heard him say that and to not worry about it, it was no big deal he would get some at some point. He said that he did have pubic hair and wanted to show me. I said "Ok, prove it, let me see". While he searched around for the flashlight, he laughed and said he was getting a boner again and then we both chuckled because I said I was getting one too! I remember when he turned the light on and pulled back his sleeping bag, how fantastic it looked! It was the first time I had really seen another boy with an erection. He said "See, I have pubic hair!" He did, in fact, have a small patch of black pubic hair just above his erect penis. I said "Yep, you sure do and you have a hell of a boner too!" We laughed. There he was in that tent laying next to me with a full erection! I couldn't believe it. I will never forget the sight. I wanted to look at it all night. It was an amazing thing to see and while I do like girls, it turned me on to no end and I got a hard on from seeing it. He said he wanted to see mine too, to be even, and I said "sure". My fully erect penis was nearly 6" long when I was 14 and when I pulled back my sleeping bag he laughed. I asked what he was laughing about and he said it looked much bigger in the light than it did outside. He got his back out and we looked at them. He kept the flashlight on mine and kept going on about it. I finally took the flashlight from him and shined it on his. His was a bit smaller than mine and didn't have as much hair but it looked wonderful and I couldn't take my eyes off it. He sat up and took a closer look at mine and said, "See yours is bigger than mine and you have hair on your balls too!" I said, "but I am older and in another year you will have too" and told him from what I saw he had nothing to worry about.

As best friends do, we talked about everything and did everything together. We went bike riding, and hiking and running around town together. We talked a lot about girls and sex and growing up. Around this same time, I was walking home from another friends house late at night and walked through his neighborhood. When I walked by his house, his bedroom light was the only light on so I walked up to his window to see if he was still up. When I looked into his room through the open curtains I was startled to see him lying naked on his bed with a Playboy out masturbating at a very speedy pace. Now, I did this a lot myself but it was incredible to watch another boy. I kept quiet so he wouldn't hear me and kept watching. What I was seeing excited me and I pulled down my pants and jacked off too. I loved looking at his cock and watching him jerk off. We came about the same time. A short time later he stayed over at my house and he was lying on a blow up mattress in a sleeping bag and I was in my bed and as we talked one I asked "Have you ever slept in the nude?" At that we both took off our underwear and gave them a fling. I am sure we both had instant erections. It was no secret that when we were teenagers my best friend was a very, very deep sleeper. Perhaps, the deepest I have ever known. He would sleep through just about anything (it was only later in life that he grew out of this). What I confess here in this forum is that on several occasions over those next few years I would slide my hand under his blankets while he slept and gently rub his cock till he was erect and then gently jerk him till I got scared he would wake up( he never did) and then stop and get back in my bed and masturbate. I remember that over those few years that his dick did grow in size and he became a little harrier too! From then on, every time we slept over at each others house, for the next couple years, we would end up sleeping in the nude. One time he spent the night was a real hot summer night. We had recently begun smoking pot and that night we smoked a bunch. I put a fan in the window and I suggested we sleep in the nude, he agreed. The TV was on when we fell asleep and a few hours later I woke up. It had been a while since I had touched him and I felt the urge to so I looked down to see if he was sleeping. He had apparently gotten hot and kicked out of the sleeping bag and lay there in the TV light fully exposed with a raging hard on. It was an incredible thing to see. I looked at him for several minutes before reaching down and touching him. For some reason I got more nerve than ever before and slid out of my bed and knelt beside him. I touched him a few times to test how asleep he was and he seemed like he was out good so I lifted his dick with my hand and began to stroke it gently. He didn't move a bit. I rubbed and stroked his dick and balls for a little while and he didn't move a bit. I then did something I had never dreamed I would do.... I leaned down and put his cock in my mouth. To this day I remember how his dick tasted and how it felt in my mouth. After a few seconds, I stopped to make sure he was still dead asleep and then I continued. As I sucked it I got very nervous but extremely excited. How he never woke up is beyond me. I wondered if I could get it all in my mouth and without any trouble I was able to bury it down my throat till my nose was nestled in that little patch of pubes. It was all the way in. I would stop for a minute and lick and suck his smooth balls and still he didn't even flinch. He smelled and tasted wonderful and I began to slowly pump my head up and down on his dick. All the way in till his head was in my throat and my nose was in his pubic hair and all the way out till his head was just inside my lips. Over and over for several minutes I very slowly did this trying not to wake him and he didn't even twitch. Then, all of a sudden I felt his hand on the back of my head, he crammed it all the way in again to the back of my throat. I then heard him let out a soft moan and felt his cock spasm as he exploded into the back my throat nearly choking me. I had not anticipated this at all and as my mouth filled up with cum I had no other choice but to start swallowing. After he came, he ..(continue confession)

I Grimaced Accommodating His Thick Meat

Being gay and married has its challenges but I have been living my life like this for long enough to know how to handle most things. Like where to hide my lingerie, lube and condoms.

We live in the tropics and have a house girl so you can imagine what a fright I got when I opened my underwear draw and found a black MAN POWER lace thong, with the special pouch designed to accommodate a penis, neatly sitting with my normal underwear...I had packed it with my washing when leaving London and just put it all in the laundry basket.

I am the Boss of the house so I was sure she wouldn't say anything to my wife and figured she would just think we had some kinky fun...

I didn't count on her telling our garden boy about my special underwear...

About a week after this event I was at home alone. My wife was away and the house girl had called in sick. I had forgotten the garden boy was due that day. I was on the terrace just in little bikini briefs when he called out to say hi. He came up to me and asked if I had anything special to get him to do in the garden. I noticed he took a decent look at my crotch which was bulging pretty nicely in the briefs. Then he smiled and said I reckon you would look even better in the lacey panties. I was really taken aback and my first thought was to give him a blast, but in the split second before letting rip I saw his smile and his bulging pants and I let my guard down. I knew I wanted him and it seemed he maybe wanted me...

I asked if he would like some water and invited him in. My cock had swollen a bit with the whole event and was now looking like a good bulge should. I gave him the glass and said I would be right back. I went to our bedroom and changed into the lace cock filled the pouch...still not erect but very swollen. I got a condom out of my brief case and went back to the kitchen. He gasped as I entered. He silently mouthed fuck, and a huge grin spanned his face.

"Is this the one you mean", I asked smiling. He nodded sheepishly and bit his bottom lip. His erection was clearly visible in his little shorts. I walked over to him and he knelt in front of me. His tongue ran over the strained lace pouch and then he took my cock out and wrapped his mouth around it. I pulled his head into me and face fucked him until I ejaculated down his throat. I pulled out of his mouth and asked him to undress. I handed him the condom and said I wanted him in me. He slid the condom onto his huge cock and I turned and rested my hands on the arms of the chair by the bench, pushing my ass out and arching my back...

He entered me and drove his cock up inside me in one forceful movement pushing the lace thong string to the side. I grimaced accommodating his thick meat but I have had a lot of man meat in me and I knew how to push out to ease the friction. The he started to fuck me, and fuck me...hard and fast. He pulled out and took the condom off before ejaculating all over my back.

I took him to our bedroom and to bed. We massaged and made out until we were both erect again and spent an hour of hot intense sex...
I will have much more of him and his beautiful tanned muscled body.

I have just had my first overseas business trip for the year. Wow, mid Feb already...

Back to Sydney, Australia where I caught up with my clients son again. He gets more gorgeous each trip I make. He has "outed" himself since I was last with him, which has created mayhem with his very conservative family but they are coping. Now he is openly gay, he has started to really work on his body. He is working out 4 times a week, has body waxing and shaving weekly, and now that his wavy dirty blonde hair is to his shoulder blades, gets his hair groomed all the time by a young gay hairdresser in his apartment block. He is now devastatingly attractive, rather than just being the hot young confused guy I have made love to so many times since we started our affair last year. He has moved out of home so now has an apartment which he shares with a str8 girl who is about 5 years older. His father, my client, shared a lot with me this trip, including the fact that his son is gay. That I still had his son's cum in my ass when he was telling me made me incredibly horny and as soon as we had finished lunch I called his son and had him come to my hotel again so I could explode in him.

As we lay in a very wet bed after a very intense two hours of love making, he told me that his father had been quite drunk on New Years Eve and had told him he was very sympathetic about the whole gay thing and said he had actually felt incredibly sexually attracted to a man for some time. The more he talked the more obvious it had become to him that he was talking about me, without actually going there and saying it. Was I really shocked?? Actually no. I reflected on the last 10 or 12 years. We had traveled quite a lot on business , meeting with various business partners on deals we had been involved with. We had enjoyed some great times...both being foodies and wine lovers. We had been quite drunk a number of times...but never really drunk. We had laughed a lot. We had shared some private thoughts but nothing SO private that our sexuality was on the table. His wife had always been too busy to join us, but once, which was fine. No, I wasn't shocked. We were close. I had never really put it quite in that context. So then the bombshell. As he lay in my arms playing with my very hard nipples, he asked me if knowing that his Dad was sexually attracted to me changed anything. As in would I now want to have an affair with his Dad, or at least have sex with him. My lover was jealous of his Dad. I took him closer and kissed him softly on his warm mouth. I felt his erection grow quickly and slide up my body. I rolled him onto his back, and gently spread his legs. He arched his back, and lifted his legs so that his beautiful c**t beckoned. I took my swelling cock in my hand and guided it into him, without pausing, and pushed deep into him and immediately ejaculated, such was my passion and desire for him. We kissed long and passionately as my cum filled him. Then I slid down his body, and took him in my mouth. He too ejaculated within seconds, filling my mouth with delicious warm cum. I told him that for as long as he wanted me as his lover I would never ever even think about his dad's desire for me, and never ever disclose that we were lovers. I had never ever felt such passion for a human being as I did then for this beautiful young man. Our lovemaking after that totally spontaneous expression of immediate want and release was followed by much longer lovemaking, until the early hours of the morning. I left the next day and returned home, not wanting any connection with his Dad which might have spoilt the moment. We have talked every day since. I am going to have to handle this so carefully.

Now, 3 years later, my lover has found himself sexually and is about to be a lovely girl...a really lovely girl. I have been in very close contact with him as he realised that whist we were having incredible sex, he was becoming more and more attracted to women, so I helped him through his return to heterosexuality. It is over a year since we had sex and by then it had become very infrequent. Last week, on my most recent trip to Sydney, I had lunch with his dad. After lunch we both went to the mens room before getting a taxi. We stood side by side at the urinal which had no partitions between. He turned towards me and undid his belt as well as his zipper...he was wearing sheer black lace panties which bulged with his swollen cock...the taxi took us straight to my hotel and to bed...he has wanted me for a long time...he now has me.