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Daughter Becomes Mom Slave

Alice was 16 years old when this happened.
She used to live with her mom that inherited a fortune from her father who passed away.
Her mother Naomi was 37 she was a brunette with a light dark skin.
Little by little the relationship between Alice and her mother started to change.
Her mother started ordering her around more and more now Alice does the laundry the dishes and cleans the house while naomi spent her time resting and pampering herself.
One day when Alice came back from school she was greeted by her mother standing with a collar in her hand.
"Clothes off now !!" Naomi ordered her daughter who shook her head on refuse, then suddenly her mother slapped her on the that made Alice drop on her knees "that's better now take your clothes off " . Being scared of her mother she obeyed her, once she was naked naomi started to ay with her daughter's nipples and pussy she would slap it alice was in pain but she remained silent, then naomi put the collar around her neck and told her to follow her, but when Alice stood up she was face with another slap that made her collapse "slaves dont walk they crawl and you are my slave now my bitch".
Alice was shocked by what her mother said but she didn't want to get slapped again so she crawled behind her mother until they reached the living room. Naomi then ordered Alice to take her shoes off and to start sniffing them, the odor was toxic but she had to smell it fearing the wrath of her mom naomi the shoved Alice's face in the shoe saying "I want to hear you sniffing, take deep breaths in my stink, what's the matter does it stink a lot sont worry you'll get used to it now lick them clean" alice started licking the dirty shoes she swallowed the mud the sweat and the dirt then she was ordered to lick her mother's dirty feet she hesitated at first but a sudden slap from her mother wome her up, she began licking dutifully, her mouth started to get tired wish made her mon notice " what's the matter my slave ran out of spit open your mouth bitch" she then spat in her mouth then shoved her foot back in her daughter's face . When she finished naomi pushed alice on her back and started stomping on her and kicking her until alice began begging for mercy from her mother.
Naomi looked at her daughter the ordered her to keep following her until the reached the toilet where naomi told Alice to lie in the ..(continue confession)