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I'm bi and have been since I was a young teen, I love sucking and worshiping cock then and still do - BTW I suck cock better than my wife and I swallow!

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Discovering The Difference Sex With Men Vs Women

After being married for a long time, and still am – I have been with other women, a few of them really enjoyed sex. But for me my wife never came around to it and now it’s totally gone from her agender.

My sex drive has like most men been higher that what we ever get at home, but last year I made a bold move to give into one of my fantasies – looking at porn as an arousal tool I been getting the urge to suck a cock – I always have some desire since a teen when I played around with my friend and had my first taste back then that always stayed with me.

I started going on bi and daddy chat sites and found lots of married men on them, I started chatting with a few of them and finally made the move to meet up. My first encounter was a bit nerve-racking, but I got my taste and once I started something just took over me and I became a cocksucker! Now m2m sex is all that I want, no more begging, frustration, spinning my wheels and getting nothing and sucking a cock is much better that eating a smelly pussy!
I started playing around with a few other men, and for me I am having great sex again with another person and maybe because it’s a bit taboo. Being straight and married there is always the risk factor of getting caught.

Here are some observations I came to realize – all the men were married or have girlfriends – none of us consider themselves of being gay, my go on that is there is no romance, just sex. Then all consider m2m sex as sort of normal, we all enjoy being sucked off and giving back the same and none of them had any problem taking a load in their mouth and swallowing, in fact they all know that is part of giving pleasure – something my wife never did, now I wonder why? – when I’m sucking a cock the feeling of a pulsing cumming cock is the prize.

When you have sex with a guy there is a diferent level of being comfortable with ourselves and each other, we both have dicks and we kown how to make them feel good, and we make sure that the pleasure is shared – we let ourselves go and enjoy the experience – with no hang-ups, were ready to try whatever -knowing if we don’t enjoy something – no problem we’ll do something else, but some of those new ways to get off, you can’t say no!

When its over, no one is expecting a call the next day, we clean up and go home – no need to cuddle and hang around. We had sex, got each other off – life great, lets do it again!
So, those who are thinking about have m2m sex, this is my take on it and for the guys who are out there, do you find it the same as I do? I love to know your thoughts.

Total Enjoyment

I am always looking for new excitement and a while ago I found playing with my nipples gave a new sensation, and the feeling is very sensual and I don't have to pull my dick out to feel good!

As being one of the married no more sex with the wife situations, I started playing with other men with the same problem, we have all found how exciting it was having sex again with another person and one who actually enjoys it!

I was over with a new friend for the 3rd time he was blowing me - then he got some lube an fingered me at the same time, I never had any ass play till then. He moved around and next thing I knew he got out a dildo and put my legs over my head and continued to suck and fuck me... while he was doing that, and I was now enjoying being fucked I started playing with my nips - by the time I was ready to cum, I have never felt as sexual as I did, with sensations in 3 areas of enjoyment... When I told him I was going to cum, he made sure he was down on my cock, I blew in his mouth and he kept going as I was having sex spasms - it was the best ever!

Can't wait till return the favour...

Did Your Mom Tease You?

I think many Mom's knowingly and unknowingly tease their sons, maybe just to educate them on what a female body looks like, or knowing that their sons are curious give them a bit of a show. I'm sure my Mom knew that I was trying to get some peeks and once she was in the bath with the door slightly ajar, she slumped down in the bath so her pelvis moved out of the water exposing her bush, she stayed there for some time, slapping the face towel on her pussy and pulling it towards her. It was so exciting for me to watch - I don't know how she didn't hear me, or know that I was there. or did she?

Please respond with your story, I think it's quite common.

Addictive To Sucking Cock, And Now...

I started living out my desire to suck a mans cock last December. this desire has been with me since I was about 14 when me and my friend used to go down on each other. After he moved away I was pretty normal, except I got off a lot thinking of the time I sucked his cock and how I want it again.

So, last Dec I had may first cock in many years - once I took his cock in my mouth I just melted... I just couldn't believe that I finally was doing something I longed for so much, and I knew that I made the right decision.

Since that fist time, I started playing with another guy, the last time we got together he went down on me, then started to rim me - witch felt nice. He then move around and got some lube and started to finger my ass as he was blowing me, it was starting to feel really sweet. Before I knew it he had legs up, then he got a dildo and started to do me with that - my hole hasn't been violated, so this was a whole new sensation as he was now fucking me with the dildo as he was still sucking me and I was playing with my nipples - I was now saying Fuck me, I wanted his cock inside me... He tried but he wasn't hard enough, so he continued with the dildo, slapping me and finished me off in his mouth.

Thinking about getting fucked was never on my mind until now, I only wanted oral play but now I'm thinking about having him take my ass - my whole outlook on sex is changing and I'm wanting it to...

First Taste

Like many guys who just enjoyed hanging out and talking about the sweet girls around, trying to think of a way to get them to have any kind of sex - just feeling them up would be an accomplishment!! We were always thinking of ways to break the ice and make it to first base, which were never got to. During one summer, I don't know how it all started, but we started jerking off together whenever we can.

Somewhere along the way we started finding our way up to my house, as my parents were out to work for the day. We would jerk off, rub our cocks together, and As it would have it we took the next step. My friend ask me to suck his dick, and I did..., and started giving each other blow jobs - never thinking that it was wrong, or we were gay. My friend and I both had cut cocks, just his was much bigger than my 6 incher, long and thick with a beautiful head. That summer we enjoyed each other once or twice a day, we just couldn't get enough of a good thing!.

Most of the time I would be giving more than receiving, which I didn't mind. I enjoyed feeling his big cock grow in my mouth, going from soft to hard was an amazing sensation. Once hard the feeling of something being hard, yet soft and spongy was why I kept coming back for more. Once we were at his house, he was still in his pj's, his mom was in the next room with the door open 10 feet away and I was blowing him... that was the most exciting bj I gave.

I'm sure many of you reading this have the same fond memories, I always think of how good it felt having a cock in my mouth, and wish it was as simple to has a buddy that I can give a blow job to. We have been in contact with each other and hopefully I can taste his cock once again.

Now after many years I of life - marriage etc... I gave into my desires and hooked up with another guy - I was sucking a cock again, it was as good if not better than I remembered. Now I'm turning into a cocksucker, looking for more...

So Many Men Have Changed As We Get Older

I have found so many other men who are married, their wives have stopped having sex years ago and we're still wanting something. When this happened to me, I like many turned to watching porn and getting off that way. As time passed my attention started to pay more attention looking at not so much the women who were sucking cock, but at the cock. I started fantasizing about what it would be like servicing a man, and found myself getting off looking at cocks, men sucking cock, etc.

So, now that is where I am totally - I look very little at women, and I can say I don't even have any desire to have sex with another women, the appeal has been taken over by my cock fantasy. I started to explored and found a few bi sites that were full of others in the same predicament as me, and they were actively seeking other men to meet up for sex. Some were gay, but most were married in a no-sex situation, I couldn't believe how many men that were local are on these sites - it was like a hidden city just outside my door. They are all very open, showing themselves, chatting, saying what they like, etc. a complete change from what men usually are - you know we don't even talk to each other about jerking off - let alone asking for a bj.. They are not looking for love, just sex.

These sites really stirred up my new desire to have oral sex with another man, it took me a long while to fight my nerves and meet up with someone. I meet up with 3-4 guys had a coffee with them - and that was are far as it went. My desires kept growing and I finally was able to put my nerves off.

I meet up with my first guy, he made me feel very comfortable and before I knew it we were rubbing each other then we just moved into a 69 position and I took his cock in my mouth. My fears were over, after awhile I positioned myself between his legs and concentrated on blowing him - when he said I'm going to cum... I was so focused on sucking him - I just let him cum in my mouth. After it was all over on my way home I felt so relived and elated that I just sucked a cock and it was Great!

Are you in the same predicament? or have the same feelings? Like to hear your comments please.

Addictive To Sucking Cock

Cock is more addictive than coke - I had a taste of cock when I was in Jr. High - now many years later that memory was always with me. I started looking and cumming while watching gay porn and finally gave in and hooked up with a guy with only one thing on my mind, to suck his cock. On the day I was nervous he made me comfortable, he then started to suck me and shortly move over me in a 69 position - I took his cock into my mouth and started to feel that II was going to cum. I pulled him off, and said to him 'let me enjoy you' I moved between his legs and worked on his fat cut cock. I was in another place - I had a cock in my mouth... and I loved it - before long he said that he was going to cum, it was like a bell went off! I just kept going, wanting to feel his cum shoot into my mouth, my hand was holding his balls and I could feel him tense up and release his load into my mouth, I just swallowed as it pumped into my mouth and kept sucking him till he went soft. After that he said I was a hungry cocksucker. On my way home I was on a high, so relived and happy - I kept saying to myself 'I'm a cocksucker, I love sucking cock' I did it! Now I just want more...

My First Feel Of A Hard Cock

I don't remember how I got there but when I was about 6 my brothers friend who lived in the same apartment building had me come into his apt. He would of been about 14 we ended up in his bedroom - I remembered lying on his bed under the sheets, he had me take off my pants and he was behind me in the bed. He pulled off my undies and started to rub his hard cock on my ass. He asked me if it felt good - I don't know what I said back, but he kept spooning me. He took off the sheets and showed me his cock, I was amazed and asked him how did it get so big, as I never seen an erect cock, or even knew about it. He had me hold it and told me mine would be like his once I got older - I couldn't understand how it would fit in his pants.

That was my first introduction to sex and for what was yet to come.

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