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As a young girl, growing up in the 70s, we always lived rural on a property, known as a cattle / sheep station.. of approx 22000 acres of land. A big spread in any terms. It was approx 200 kms from the nearest township.. so it was quite remote, there were approx 10 families living permanently on the place, and then there were the transient workers, and seasonal workers.

My family/parents managed it...(that's why we were there). Because of some of what I had stumbled upon at different times..I became a voyeur of men that came to work for us. Don't get me wrong, im not proud of it, but it happened. Looking back now on those years, I can recall things that went on in the adult world that my age group didn't know too much about. Sex.. for the want of a word.

Farm hands, family members, contractors, shearers, an others that came to the property over the years at different times during my younger days. Nothing was safe it seems. If a male could penertrate it he did it. Needless to say, most of the farm hands were single men, both younger & older. There would be upward of 9, 10 men working as permant/regulars at any one time & approx 5 as transiant at any one time on the property. Except for shearing time, ..that number of men would swell to about 35 men.

So needless to say...if you wanted to, you could see more than your share of males involved in different sexual acts if you looked for it. Be that solo, in showers, the bunkhouse, kennels, out in the feild, in farm buildings, stables, or with some one else or something else.

over the years I got to know a lot about men an their sexual habits, their prefrences, cock sizes, and encounters. Farmhands will have sex with anything he / they can penetrate. I wont go into detail but i think you get my drift, stables / showers / kennels / barn / dairy shed/ woolshed, and thats just the farmhands (with out being too graffic).

The best cock I'd ever seen over the times, was on a worker that would have been approx 65 yrs of age. He was tall, 6ft plus and shy. Balding, skinny as a rake, a wirry build and had a forward stoop. He also wore glasses, an couldn't see too far in front of himself, but he was a gem at repairing machinery, He always tied his pants up with a rope. I guess looking back an remembering him...I'dsay he was a creepy looking man. He was the sort most woman wouldn't give a second glance, but god was he hung!!

I recall the first time I'd seen his cock.. I thought it was the rope around his waist hanging down between his legs as he sat naked on a chair undressing in the changing room. To my suprise, I was proven wrong... it was his cock, he'd wear tight form fitting speedos, swimming type undies, now I see why.. it was to contain his length.

It was a strange looking cock.. it hung just above his knee, it was sort of bent to one side, the head seemed to face sideways, not straight down, it was long an very thin. It had a biggish flared sort of head on it. I'd never seen it erect though. I recall the times I'd seen him naked.. an the way, it swung too & fro as he walked toward the showers. I'd d never not once seen him mastubate.

The thickest cock I'd seen was on a contractors labourer. He would have been in his late 20s / 30s. God was it thick, I'd say looking at it... it would have had the girth of a can of coke (drink). It would have been approx 7 inchs in length... ( dout if it was longer ). I'd seen it erect a few times as he mastubated in the showers.

I'd seen 2 workers, my father & 1 of my brothers with their cock being sucked during the flushing out of the milking plant in the milking shed. They would insert their flacid cock into the machine suction cup as it vigoruosly sucked inward, as if to extract milk from the cow.

I recall the loudish suction sound as the cock was sucked in to the cup, right down to his/their balls. I was so shocked that my dad did it.. but to this day I've never said anything about it. H'ed stand there with his legs apart, the cups hanging between his legs as he looked about / left & right to be sure no one was about. As the contraption was bobbing up & down under him (sucking for all it was worth on his cock) he smoked a cigerete, thus making the cock look really long as the weight of the cups retracted & contracted heavy between his legs during its work, in the up & down movement, vigoruosly sucking the shaft lenght in & out of the cup. Also, the sound it made as he withdrew his cock from the cup. The way his cock seemed to stretch to extreme lengths as he attempted to extract it from the machine..

I noticed that some times it would take quite a bit of effort to get the cock out as it would have swollen to a bigger girth from the abuse, more so if hed / they had done it the night before as well. The way the cock flopped out & swung, used, thick, pulsing, purple in color from the preasure of the suction,.
the way he would drop the cups into the sterilizer, the way his cock swung thick just under the head as he moved about, till he could shove it back into his overalls. This happened a few times..

It seems most men on the property at some time had known sex with that milking plant. It was just a matter of being there at the right time to see it. There wasn't a lot of woman about back then for these men. The women around were in relationships or married to some worker,.so.. yes, there was a shortage. So needless to say.. a lot goes on behind closed doors.

There's so much more I recall that I may write about on here.

We'll see.... I hope these memories dont offend anyone. It was just my memories from years back.



by Anonymous on Dec 17, 2012 at 1:40 PM

I think you have more to say, alot more of what went on. I have a feeling you did things either by allowing them to see you or at some point of getting to hold or help some of those men with their cocks. Now that would be juicy!

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by Anonymous on Jan 11, 2013 at 11:13 PM

I would like to hear more.. with more detail... Please?

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