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I Grimaced Accommodating His Thick Meat

Being gay and married has its challenges but I have been living my life like this for long enough to know how to handle most things. Like where to hide my lingerie, lube and condoms.

We live in the tropics and have a house girl so you can imagine what a fright I got when I opened my underwear draw and found a black MAN POWER lace thong, with the special pouch designed to accommodate a penis, neatly sitting with my normal underwear...I had packed it with my washing when leaving London and just put it all in the laundry basket.

I am the Boss of the house so I was sure she wouldn't say anything to my wife and figured she would just think we had some kinky fun...

I didn't count on her telling our garden boy about my special underwear...

About a week after this event I was at home alone. My wife was away and the house girl had called in sick. I had forgotten the garden boy was due that day. I was on the terrace just in little bikini briefs when he called out to say hi. He came up to me and asked if I had anything special to get him to do in the garden. I noticed he took a decent look at my crotch which was bulging pretty nicely in the briefs. Then he smiled and said I reckon you would look even better in the lacey panties. I was really taken aback and my first thought was to give him a blast, but in the split second before letting rip I saw his smile and his bulging pants and I let my guard down. I knew I wanted him and it seemed he maybe wanted me...

I asked if he would like some water and invited him in. My cock had swollen a bit with the whole event and was now looking like a good bulge should. I gave him the glass and said I would be right back. I went to our bedroom and changed into the lace thong...my cock filled the pouch...still not erect but very swollen. I got a condom out of my brief case and went back to the kitchen. He gasped as I entered. He silently mouthed fuck, and a huge grin spanned his face.

"Is this the one you mean", I asked smiling. He nodded sheepishly and bit his bottom lip. His erection was clearly visible in his little shorts. I walked over to him and he knelt in front of me. His tongue ran over the strained lace pouch and then he took my cock out and wrapped his mouth around it. I pulled his head into me and face fucked him until I ejaculated down his throat. I pulled out of his mouth and asked him to undress. I handed him the condom and said I wanted him in me. He slid the condom onto his huge cock and I turned and rested my hands on the arms of the chair by the bench, pushing my ass out and arching my back...

He entered me and drove his cock up inside me in one forceful movement pushing the lace thong string to the side. I grimaced accommodating his thick meat but I have had a lot of man meat in me and I knew how to push out to ease the friction. The he started to fuck me, and fuck me...hard and fast. He pulled out and took the condom off before ejaculating all over my back.

I took him to our bedroom and to bed. We massaged and made out until we were both erect again and spent an hour of hot intense sex...
I will have much more of him and his beautiful tanned muscled body.



by Anonymous on Nov 2, 2016 at 5:06 AM

I am a married man too, and suck as much cock as I can find. And I love reading these stories about gay cock sucking and ass fucking. Thanks -- and suck that cock. Roger

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by Anonymous on Nov 5, 2016 at 4:00 AM

Hey Roger...thanks for the message...our meetings have become an almost daily event...I decided to put a new garden down by the beach walk...he will take about a month to finish it I reckon... we have a favourite spot on the beach out of view of the house and have dared to fuck there even a couple of times my wife has been home, now that she is back...that is SO hot...knowing she up at the house.

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by Anonymous on Feb 24, 2019 at 2:20 AM

This story and the comments seem to be written by the same nutcase.

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by Anonymous on Oct 6, 2020 at 11:52 PM

I am married guy in my 60's. over the years had lots of cocks. The one that I remember and jerk to a lot was a guy I hooked up with he was married to. To this day and most likely won't have a cock as big as his again. He had a 10 ins thick cut delicious meat that I ever had. I grimaced to as he entered my hole. I never felt any thing that deep in me before. I thought he was going to come out my throat!! He started out slow then after I opened up he slammed my hole holding on to my hips. After he shot his man juice in me, he pulled out I felt his load leaking out of me I had to check it out looking in the mirror my hole was so opened and gapping. For the next 6 months couldn't get enough of his cock. To this day I never had anything that big again.

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