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I have just had my first overseas business trip for the year. Wow, mid Feb already...

Back to Sydney, Australia where I caught up with my clients son again. He gets more gorgeous each trip I make. He has "outed" himself since I was last with him, which has created mayhem with his very conservative family but they are coping. Now he is openly gay, he has started to really work on his body. He is working out 4 times a week, has body waxing and shaving weekly, and now that his wavy dirty blonde hair is to his shoulder blades, gets his hair groomed all the time by a young gay hairdresser in his apartment block. He is now devastatingly attractive, rather than just being the hot young confused guy I have made love to so many times since we started our affair last year. He has moved out of home so now has an apartment which he shares with a str8 girl who is about 5 years older. His father, my client, shared a lot with me this trip, including the fact that his son is gay. That I still had his son's cum in my ass when he was telling me made me incredibly horny and as soon as we had finished lunch I called his son and had him come to my hotel again so I could explode in him.

As we lay in a very wet bed after a very intense two hours of love making, he told me that his father had been quite drunk on New Years Eve and had told him he was very sympathetic about the whole gay thing and said he had actually felt incredibly sexually attracted to a man for some time. The more he talked the more obvious it had become to him that he was talking about me, without actually going there and saying it. Was I really shocked?? Actually no. I reflected on the last 10 or 12 years. We had traveled quite a lot on business , meeting with various business partners on deals we had been involved with. We had enjoyed some great times...both being foodies and wine lovers. We had been quite drunk a number of times...but never really drunk. We had laughed a lot. We had shared some private thoughts but nothing SO private that our sexuality was on the table. His wife had always been too busy to join us, but once, which was fine. No, I wasn't shocked. We were close. I had never really put it quite in that context. So then the bombshell. As he lay in my arms playing with my very hard nipples, he asked me if knowing that his Dad was sexually attracted to me changed anything. As in would I now want to have an affair with his Dad, or at least have sex with him. My lover was jealous of his Dad. I took him closer and kissed him softly on his warm mouth. I felt his erection grow quickly and slide up my body. I rolled him onto his back, and gently spread his legs. He arched his back, and lifted his legs so that his beautiful c**t beckoned. I took my swelling cock in my hand and guided it into him, without pausing, and pushed deep into him and immediately ejaculated, such was my passion and desire for him. We kissed long and passionately as my cum filled him. Then I slid down his body, and took him in my mouth. He too ejaculated within seconds, filling my mouth with delicious warm cum. I told him that for as long as he wanted me as his lover I would never ever even think about his dad's desire for me, and never ever disclose that we were lovers. I had never ever felt such passion for a human being as I did then for this beautiful young man. Our lovemaking after that totally spontaneous expression of immediate want and release was followed by much longer lovemaking, until the early hours of the morning. I left the next day and returned home, not wanting any connection with his Dad which might have spoilt the moment. We have talked every day since. I am going to have to handle this so carefully.

Now, 3 years later, my lover has found himself sexually and is about to be married...to a lovely girl...a really lovely girl. I have been in very close contact with him as he realised that whist we were having incredible sex, he was becoming more and more attracted to women, so I helped him through his return to heterosexuality. It is over a year since we had sex and by then it had become very infrequent. Last week, on my most recent trip to Sydney, I had lunch with his dad. After lunch we both went to the mens room before getting a taxi. We stood side by side at the urinal which had no partitions between. He turned towards me and undid his belt as well as his zipper...he was wearing sheer black lace panties which bulged with his swollen cock...the taxi took us straight to my hotel and to bed...he has wanted me for a long time...he now has me.


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