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Because of booze I've gotten myself in a precarious situation where my next door neighbor thinks I am mentally challenged. I do drink a lot mostley shots and beers especially on weekends. She talks to me very slowly like I'm some kind of idiot and a few months ago began having her friend Brenda stay overnight apparently to witness my indecent behaviour. I've been living here for almost a year and although its nothing new to me for some demented reason when I get a buzz on I take all my cloths off. The bad thing is I go out in the yard and all over the house naked after dark. The first few months I was unaware that my neighbor Helene had seen me like that many times until she told me so, mentioning her friend had also seen me numerous times. I was honestly embarrassed when she confronted me about it but oddly she wasn't upset or mad at me. I do stutter slightly and assume she thought I had mental issues. Helene is in her mid 50's as is her friend Brenda. I apoligized to her but before I got a chance to tell her I drink a lot she said she understood my problem and that it didn't offend her. Then she began telling me how she could see into my house from the back and side and blatently asked me if I was comfortable being naked at home. She spoke to me like I was a little kid and even though she never said the word masturbate she informed me how they observed me playing with myself. Our houses are small ranch homes and are very close to each other. All the shades and blinds on my windows are the cheapest stuff from Home Depot and aren't very good for privacy. Helene lives alone and the first month or so I didn't even know who lived next door. It was humiliating the way she spoke to me that day not just because she and her friend saw me naked but the fact she was convinced I was a mental case. She had even made reference to the few times I fell asleep in the yard on my beach lounge chair while holding my penis. She never said anthing in a derogatory way but made it known how often I was undressed and holding myself. Up to that point she had never spoken to when I was in the yard naked but about two weekends after that day she came out in the yard as I stood there beer in hand, drunk and naked. She began talking to me and I suppose because of the booze I had no feeling of embarrassment. She came within a few feet of where I was and just started looking at my body and talking to me. That was the first time she asked if I was on any medication speaking to me like I was a mental patient. I unintentionally began getting a hard on and when I was fully erect I told her I was sorry about it. She smiled at me and just kept talking about stupid things. The next couple months it seemed that every time I went in the yard at night naked she would come out to talk to me and each time I would get a hard on as she did. By that time I began to realize I liked her seeing me naked even though she is much older and not close to being attractive. Nevertheless it aroused me knowing she was looking at my junk.

Back around the end of May is when her friend Brenda began staying over her house on weekends. By then I just let them think I was a nut case. Embarrassment was long gone and then I found it arousing that these two were obviously intersested in seeing me naked. By the way Helene spoke to me I knew she had seen me jerking off without my knowlege but now I wanted both of them to se me. Whatever privacy my shades and blinds afforded me I began pulling them up so the women could see into my house clearly. It was mostly Friday and Saturday nights that I would go out in the yard naked and they would come out and talk to me. I'd stand there letting them talk sometimes for a half hour or more. Long enough that I would get an erection, have it go limp and get another erection after that. I got brave enough that I would mention the fact I had an erection and apoligize to them. They only smiled and often laughed while I told them it wasn't intentional. I got such a free feeling with them I began telling them I was going inside to masturbate. I always have the blinds pulled up where my recliner is and I just lay back a jerk off knowing they are right outside the window. It wasn't until late July that I began jerking off in the yard. They were both standing there talking to me as I got a hard on and without thinking about it I asked them if it would be alright if I masturbated. It was Brenda who said I guess so and that began jerking off with them next to me. After the first time I did that they started asking me all kinds of questions and most of them have to do with mental illness which I now let them believe. I don't know if they truly believe the things I tell them but don't care anymore. I tell them that maturbating helps me relax and it has nothing to do with them watching me. It really has everything to do with them seeing me. What began as embarrassing has changed into something that arouses me so much. If they want to think I'm nuts its fine with me as long as they continue to watch me jerk off. I still drink a lot but because they are so intent seeing me naked and masturbating I drink less shots than before.


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