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I'm 18 and while I was still a senior in high school I was NOT out. My parents had me enrolled in a fundamental extremely conservative evangelical Christian high school. A sampling of the curriculum is as follows:
America's Christian History I
America's Christian History II
A History of God's Glorious Saving of Europe
God's Miraculous Math
Christian Literature
The King James Bible as History
God's Miraculous Animal Kingdom
The Geography of the Holy land
Our Body's for God
You get the idea. No class was secular in any way. Every class, all 8 one hour periods, began and ended with prayer. Some classes were all prayer. Out of our 9 hour school day, 4 hours were devoted to Bible study and dogma. One period was nothing but prayer. The other 4 hours were basically classes that included God's role in that subject. Boys and girls were taught in separate classes.

One class that was mandatory was "Living a Rightous Life." This included a textbook entitled "How God Created Aids and why He Did." The theme of the textbook pretty much explains why God created AIDS to punish Homosexuals for choosing to be abominations.

I know that is a lot of setting up but I wanted you to see the kind of environment I was being raised in to understand how profound the following was.

It wasn't until I was in 9th grade that I realized I had bisexual desires. I was out shopping with my parents at a grocery store and I saw a gorgeous boy with long blond hair and when I got home I went insane jerking off imagining kissing him and pretending in my mind that I was a girl. Both were considered horrible sins likely to be unforgivable relegating me to a one way trip straight to the eternal burning lake of fire.

But I kept my secret to myself.

Then in my senior year at Jesus High School I met another gorgeous boy. I didn't meet him in school. I met him at a football game. Our high school played various sports against other religious high schools. Our arch rivals were the pagan St. Joseph's Memorial High School. Everyone knew they weren't real Christians and it was an annual humiliation when they slaughtered us on the grid iron. Of course our team had many Christian restrictions that prevented our team from ever getting good. Our best game ever we only lost by 62-6. It was also one of the few occasions we had to fraternize with students from other high schools.

Jason had hypnotic eyes. I got lost in them. I fell in love at first sight. He also had long blond hair. That might have been part of the attraction. He was a little bit feminine in looks but he had a tall muscular lean body as well. Jason and I met when I got in line to buy snacks at the same time. He offered his condolences. It was half time and our team was loosing 24-0. Jason was a cheerleader, the only male cheerleader and wasn't needed for half time as the bands were battling it out. We started talking and before I knew it we were sneaking off to a private spot under the bleaches. After finishing our snacks Jason, who told me to call him Jacy, asked if he could kiss me. I melted. I wanted him to kiss me badly. I wanted him to fuck me but had no idea how that would happen. I was so ignorant and naive I hadn't a clue how gay men pleasured each other. I didn't say anything. I just submitted to his engulfing me in his arms and ravishing me. He was the very first person I ever kissed and he nearly made me cum in my pants. I was so hungry for him I'd have let him fuck me right there. Jacy felt me up for a few then undid my pants and took out my dick and sucked it. I didn't even know that was a thing. I came in about a minute and I thought I broke my balls from cumming so hard. I'd never been so horny in my life.

Jacy asked if I was out. I didn't even know what that meant. I'd never had any contact with the internet and didn't have a cell phone or any other "devices." The only thing I knew about gay people is that they were demons without souls. I had no idea why or what they did together.

Once Jacy explained what he meant by out I told him a resounding "NO!" I didn't even realize that he was gay or was including me under that category. I just wanted him to shut up and kiss me more.

Jacy said he understood but he really didn't understand. He figured nobody would notice so like an idiot, an idiot in love, I accepted his invitation to join him in the bleachers at his side of the field, the home field. I honestly didn't care who won. We had no chance and I'd have cheered his team to a resounding victory if it meant putting my dick back in his mouth. I didn't even notice when he slipped his hand in mine and held it gently but firmly. I could feel the affection radiate from his hand onto mine. Then when half time ended he told me he had to go join the cheerleaders and just before he did he kissed me full on the mouth and I lost myself. I forgot I was at a game. I forgot my name. I forgot I was a Christian. I kissed him back and it didn't end. It wasn't a peck on the lips. It was a desperate attempt to lick my way down his throat and swallow his tongue.

Then came the loud cheer and roar of the crowd. Then there was laughter. It took almost a minute of the roar and cheers and laughter before we thought to separate. I looked up after we pulled apart to see everyone staring at us or up at the giant video screen. I felt myself turn twenty shades of red. Up on the screen was a continuous replay loop of Jacy and me passionately tongue kissing like two young lovers.

I was not permitted to rejoin my school mates on the bus ride home. It was 60 miles and there were no buses and I had almost no money left. Jacy let me borrow his cell phone to call home. I just told my parents I missed the bus but they had already heard from the chaperones that I was caught kissing a boy. I didn't know what to say. While the students weren't allowed to have cell phones the chaperones were and they sent a photo of me kissing Jacy. I didn't know what to say but Jacy suggested I tell them I was kissing a girl. I pointed out the long hair and the cheerleader uniform.

Dad came to get me angry over the cost of all that gas. He was silent the whole time. When we got home he gave me hell. He was holding hands with Mom while he read me the holier than though riot act. They were both shaking. I was called things like spawn of Satan and other worse things. I was shaking in fear. Then came the interrogation. I held to my story that Jacy is a girl and told them to note the long hair and cheerleader uniform. Dad must have asked me why I decided to make myself a faggot and why I like being a homosexual and why I loved tormenting them and why I would do this to them and so on. I just kept telling them Jacy is a girl and didn't understand why they thought otherwise. I finally broke through to them just a little. They decided that since I'd not been permitted any direct interaction with females (my Mom always dressed like a prude, I had no sisters or other close female relatives and the girls in school were kept ten feet away from boys at all times and they dressed like my mom) that I must not have the ability to tell a female from a male if the male has decided to degrade himself with long hair and girl's clothing. So they forgave me provisionally. I was told that I could remain with them for the few weeks remaining in the school year provided the school didn't immediately expel me. At that point I had to either enroll in a bible college and declare the major "evangelism." Or I had to leave and not have any contact with my parents until I was married to a female and wanted to introduce my parents to their grandchildren.

I agreed to their terms. I had no choice. Meanwhile I kept secretly hidden the cell phone Jacy gave me so I could call him.

Holy High accepted my Dad's explanation but kept me completely segregated from all the other students. My Dad had to drive me to and from school instead of me taking the school's bus. I was merely permitted to complete my studies and take final exams though those exams were all taken in a separate room. I was NOT permitted to attend the graduation ceremony. They mailed me my diploma in July. Since the headmaster wrote the only bible college that I had been accepted into to tell them he was rescinding his recommendation of me for study at their school, they in turn rescinded my acceptance into their school which meant I could not stay home for even a day.

So I packed the few things my parents let me take with me. They told me that everything in my room including my clothes were their property and I could take the clothes on my back, a few photos after taking them out of their frames and identification documents and my diploma. I put all that into the plastic trash bag they gave me for luggage and walked out of their 27,000 square foot mansion past Dad's Bentley and down the long driveway through the iron gate and out onto the side walk and took out the cell phone Jacy gave me and I called him. I had 13 cents in my pocket. In a couple of hours Jacy pulled up in his 20 year old Tercel and I got in and kissed him full on the mouth while looking out the back window to see my parents freaking out from the driveway.

Jacy and I are now married. I wrote a letter to my parents telling them that I am gay and was engaged to marry the beautiful boy they saw in the photo that was sent to them. I invited them to attend the wedding honestly hoping they would change their hearts and attend. I did not get a response but I can only imagine how they reacted to the letter. meanwhile, that first night Jacy showed me how I boy can have an orgasm from being fucked in the ass. I also sucked cock for the first time ever.

Now the reason I said I am bi and not gay (despite telling my parents I'm gay which I did mostly for shock value) is because Jacy introduced me to his sister and I found that I had the hots for her as well. Jacy isn't strictly gay either but prefers guys over girls. He and his sister were fooling around on the sofa one night and while I had the hots for her I was put off that she was kissing MY husband. My feelings were hurt until he invited me to have a kissing contest with her. Each of us took turns kissing the other two and then everyone would vote on who the best kisser was. We all agreed that Jacy is by far the best kisser. But Jackie was not a bad kisser either and she has something Jacy doesn't have, boobs. Hers are the only boobs I've touched. We ended up naked the three of us in our bedroom and we had our own little three person orgy. Jackie spends the weekends with us and wants to move in with us after high school. She's 16 and a junior so it will be almost two years but we still get weekends.

As for me, I am now enjoying my new role as housewife. Yes I know I'm a guy and Jacy calls me his husband but I think of myself as his wife. He loves fucking me in the ass more than me fucking him and I like getting it in the ass more than fucking him though I do enjoy getting a blow job. I consider my role feminine and I've even begun to grow my hair out. It's almost an inch long now which is the longest it has ever been by half an inch. Before I had to get a hair cut every two weeks to keep it a very short military style buzz cut which our pastor said is the real hair style that Jesus had. Of course I believed him since we weren't permitted pictures of Jesus since they were idols. So I always thought of Jesus as having a military style haircut. I was shocked when I found that when I looked up "pictures of Jesus" on google it always showed him with long hair. I wondered what else I'd been misinformed about.

So Jackie wants to get pregnant and she wants it to be my baby and she said she wants to do that and give Jacy and me the baby to be ours. I am starting to fantasize about breast feeding it. I think I might not be what I thought. I think I might be a woman trapped in a man's body. I only just recently found out what a transgender female is. I'm starting to think of myself that way. when I told Jacy he laughed and said that I already call myself his wife so "why Not?" I doubt I can get my parents to pay for the sex change. I think I'll probably do porn to pay for it.


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