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I get regular waxings son e my wife likes the pubic are and ass area hair free. And I do it because as a welder it helps keep things cooler in my pants all day. Especially in the summer heat wearing briefs.

So I've been getting waxed for three years now after my wife finally got me to go because I got tired of shaving every other day. I go to the same woman she'd goes too which is her friend so we definitely got to know each other more over the years.

My wife called me after work and reminded me of my waxing appointment, I told her I remembered and I was headed there now. She said okay and control yourself before hanging up. I was wondering what that was about.

I'm going to point out it is perfectly normal and nothing wrong with getting a reaction during waxing, it is just how the body responds and actually makes it easier fir the person doing the waxing.

So I check in, go back to the room and take my pants and underwear off and toss them in the chair. I'm standing there bare ass and the door opens. No big deal right. Except it wasn't the woman who normally waxes my wife and I. It was her 20 year old daughter! She is smoking hot and so beautiful.

Did my waxing hard as a rock the whole time as we talked. She was very professional and I had to try to not cum!

After she was finished I asked her to give me a few minutes longer than normal to clean up. knowing my hard dick wouldn't fit in my briefs, I grabbed some tissues and busted a really fast load. Boy was that a relief!


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