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Can't Unsee It

I was playing spy and I saw something I believe I will never unsee or forget. No matter how bad I make myself feel about it I get a raging hardon and I have to jackoff...hard!

My aunt, my mom's twin sister, travels a lot and she normally stays with us for about 4 months of the year. They're identical twins but my aunt cuts her hair shorter and she a lot more tan.

One day I accidentally discovered how to spy on my aunt while she was naked in the shower. Our attached garage has a good size loft that I use as my man cave, seperate from my room.
It's opened to the house attic. I discovered a tiny hole in the ceiling one day whiel I was looking for a secret hiding space. I have a mechanics camera I used to see what room it was over. I was over my aunt's bathroom. Oh yeah, how awesome! Only thing is all I could see is the mirror wall. She likes to look at herself .

I attached a microphone to it so I would be alerted if anyone was taking a shower. Finally I heard someoone showering so I turned my camera on and let it record and I can watch it on my laptop later. I sat at my worktable while I listend to the noises coming from the bathroom. I heard the water shut of and stuff being moved around and then something muffled like someone talking under their breath.

I took out the SD card and put it in my computer and started the player. I culd see my anunts shadow as she showered but it was a little foggy but fairly clear. Gotta work on that.
She moved to the chair and sat down facing the mirror and was nspecting her pussy. I thought, fuck this, I'm gonna get naked and rub one off while I watch my aunt. I got comfortable in my chair and started the player again. I could see her pussy pretty clear. SHE HAS A GIANT CLIT! It must be as big as my thumb and it's hard like a little dick.

She was rubbing her pussy with her clit in the vee of her two fingers. She rubbed faster and I rubbed faster and I was just getting close to cracking a nut when I heard the floor creak behind me. I whippped around and I was face to face with my aunt. My aunt? Wait a minute , she was still in the shower. But now she was standing here in a bright yellow string bikini. She come to ask if I wanted to go swimming. She didn't seem to notice I was naked and trying to hide my hard dick.

She could clearly see what I was watching . She looked at me and smiled and said, "that isn't me you're jacking off to, that's your mom". No fucking way! She sais look again. I looked and the steam had cleared alot and I saw it was not my aunt. I was getting sick. Ewwww, I was beating off to my naked mom!

She said, don't worry this will be our secret, that didn't make me feel better, and I felt like I will never get a boner again. My aunt said look here, me and your mom are identical twins, and she untied her bikini and showed me her pussy...with a giant clitoris. She stepped up face to face with me and grabbed my limp dick and told me to get my swim trunks on and maybe later we can take a shower together and fuck in front of the wall mirror. ..if you can get it up!

I can get it up, and I'm not erasing that video. Don't know if I can watch it again , but just in case.



by nunya on Jul 1, 2020 at 12:58 PM

Well, did you manage to get it up for your aunt and fuck her in front of the mirror? Did you record it to spank to later?

Do you think fucking your aunt will get you over your aversion to fucking your mom since they are so physically similar? Has your aunt started mind fucking you and telling you to call her Mom while you're giving her your cock?

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