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Spanking, Thank You

This is a part of my confession about a rekindled i****tuous affair with my brother.

I was on my way to the kitchen, completely naked of course, not wearing my stilettos or butt plug when he noticed the difference in the way I was walking. He says "hey, did you forget something?". I had enjoyed the spanking so much the night before so I did it on purpose hoping he would notice and decide I needed another spanking. "Oh yes, I'm sorry, I will take my punishment". I leaned over the big arm of the sofa, waiting. He went to my room and brought back the large ass plug and a leather belt. The sight of the leather belt made my pussy spasm and tingle, I thought I was going to cum getting smacked with the belt. I had never felt this way before, nor with the hand spanking, this was new. He put two fingers in my ass hole and tweaked it a little bit. Then withdrew his hand and drew back the belt, "You know what you did?" I proclaimed, "yes, I am sorry, so sorry, do what you have to, thank you for reminding me". He told me it was 5 whacks. Oh my, each whack of the belt got a little harder with every one, but when he had me at 4 he stopped and I looked back with tears in my eyes asking him what he was waiting for. "I forgot to tell you to count out each whack, good and loud, now I have to start over". YES YES YES, my pussy was getting so wet I could feel my juice running down my thigh. It was like a chant. "One, Two harder, Three harder, Four harder, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, (there was a decent 15 second pause) Five". My hormones were in overdrive. He put the large plug in my ass and demanded I get in my high heels before I make coffee. Yes sir, thank you sir.


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