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A Kink I Didn't Know I Had

I've been with my husband for nearly 20 years now. His cock is my first, my only, my favorite. 18 year old me getting to explore him when we were in HS changed me from a shy and awkward girl into the woman I am now. His cock transformed me into something I would have never imagined before we got together - teenage me would have called me a "slut." But I love the taste, feel, and smell his cock and balls, and have him almost as ready to go now as when we were teenagers. I've always been fascinated by making him cum, from the first handjob I gave him in the dark through his boxers until now.

Recently, he found a button with me that has just been making me crazy, so he's been getting lucky 100% more than before quarantine. While I suck him, he keeps pulling me up for kisses, like after I tongue his cock and have drool and precum all over my mouth. Full on tongue kisses. I've tested this by literally pulling precum out and giving it a lick and sure enough he's there to kiss me. Or lying on my back while he stands and sucking him while I vibe (personal favorite), and he will take a break, kneel down, and kiss me full on. And it makes my pussy hurt for him every time he does it. I know he's onto it in some way as he will sometimes say after kissing me that I look "cock drunk." That's me being dazed by what he did and incredibly turned on.

My husband isn't gay, so I really don't know where he got this idea from, but he knows that I love reading MM erotica with lots of oral (nothing better than two cocks pleasing each other, right?).

Curious if other ladies have similar experiences with their guy(s).




by Reacher on Jul 3, 2020 at 5:20 AM

Mmmmm. He is a lucky guy. My wife and I do the same... Tasting after she sucks my cock, and after I eat her sweet pussy. Very hot!

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by Reacher on Jul 11, 2020 at 9:02 AM

I have the same fascination as your husband. The thoughts of my wife's mouth being so sexy and especially tasting precum and cum from her mouth and face makes me crazy turned-on. We have even thought about having her suck on another guy and be my little slut.

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