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Finally Got It

I've confessed on this site a few times about my mad obsession with rimming my lovely little wife's bubble butt. My only complaint has always been that she's just too careful to always be absolutely shower fresh when I'm just dying for her clean but natural scent. This has been a struggle for at least ten years.

Earlier today we were making out and I was running my hands all over her soft, smooth and perfectly curvy body. She likes when I tell her how she's just made for being manhandled. She likes when I tell her how proud of her I am and how I know that men look at her and want to fuck her. She's super shy and never, ever flirts or anything like that but I tell her truly that guys look at women all the time and are always making comments about girls when the guys talk among themselves. I'm sure there's been times when a guy might say, "Look at the legs on that girl" and stuff like that.

Anyway, as I said before, her butt's the thing that really gets me going and I'm sure other men are attracted to it too, watching her gently swaying her hips when she walks.

Well, tonight after dinner I was sitting on one of our high stools at the kitchen counter and she was rinsing a glass or something while I watched her in her red wraparound mini-dress.

I called her to me and wrapped my arms around her and put my head against her chest as my hands roamed up and down her legs.

When I reached her panties I took her cheeks in both hands, then took one and kneaded her thigh and sneaked my other hand into her panties. I worked my finger into her damp crack and she actually gave a little moan. Ran my finger through her crack and up against her tight hole.

I managed to actually penetrate her bung with the tip of my finger before I let her get away with a sweet kiss. She said she wanted to brush her teeth and as she walked out of the room I was going to sniff my finger and got a huge surprise. The very tip of my finger from the nail to about halfway down the first digit had been barely penetrating her, but it was perfect timing and when I looked, the tip of my finger was stained light brown.

It didn't take a single second and I never gave it a second thought. I instantly stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. I expected a bitter taste but I was surprised again. It didn't taste bitter at all. This is totally weird but I swear it tasted so good and I'm absolutely on a quest to try again. I didn't say a word to her because I don't wanna spook her, but damn, I want it to happen again and will take every opportunity to finger her from now on.



by Anonymous on Jul 18, 2020 at 9:33 PM

Wild story. I would love to do this to my wife. Or to your wife. LOL

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