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Yes - It Really Was Like That!

Back in the 1950s, when I was a girl, things were quite different than they are today. There was a good deal of acceptance to homosexuality in friendships, just so long as you were discreet about it. This was quite common and it wasn’t a big deal or labeled, unlike today. Now everything is pushed to the extreme and I think that people have given up both a lot of freedom and personal enjoyment.
I had a few what be called “close” girlfriends, and one in particular. My mom knew the two of us were often naked together in my bedroom, and we did each other’s hair and nails and, yes, we had sex. But that was something that was just nice between girls. We weren’t raging lesbians. And I know that it was the same for the boys, and no one was accusing or labeling. It was just seen as fun and nice and safe, and nothing more than that. It was even seen as being perfectly “normal.”
Now days everything is pushed right over the edge and no wonder people, especially young people, are so screwed up. Who can blame them? Dare I say, with this whole Corona virus thing, perhaps it will be for the best and life will slow back down and become more simple and much more enjoyable as people re-think things and have a chance to stop being high pressured by mass commercialism and thinking that if they’re not racing down the tread mill that life isn’t worth living. One can only hope!



by Anonymous on Jul 31, 2020 at 8:04 PM

Yes. I am older too, and I remeber how theer was a time whn yes, there were what migth be called th "hard core" lesbians and gay guys. We called them something else. But for ordinaty friends, a little homosexuality as widely pracived and seen as fun and othing more than that. I hink tht poeple tofay, especially uounger people, have a lot to answer fo it turning life up side down and making a miserry out ofiT!

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by Anonymous on Aug 9, 2020 at 6:31 PM

Hi Lil ... I am older too . but it was me and my sister and no one ever said anything

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