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I was rading through some of thsse entires, which is always fun. Then, when I read in the comments section on entry 46642, this unfortunately sounds like some paranoic know it all. Please restrain yourself looney! You mention doing research online 0 which must mean that you are very interestedin naughty littel things. But rally, grow up and do some ral research, bozo!And yes, I mwan to be insulting towards you as I can be and so should everyone else! Yes, mother and son sex is vry much n the rise, But then you wiuld now that if you didn't just say that you did "research"! What a total idiot! Perhaps just a bit frustrated are you?
Go read some ulra right wing political garabage and make yourself tryly happy for they, like you, are full of it!



by Anonymous on Aug 17, 2020 at 6:30 AM

Wow you truly are an uneducated scumbag to come up with a confession like this you loser

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