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My Angel

My school had a field trip. We went to a state park on the school bus. When we got there we got out in the parking area, there was just a one toilet bathroom for the boys and one for the girls. I had been holding it for a long time, the line was twenty deep, I guess it was my look, my crossed legs, that I started to cry because I was going to wet my pants.

A boy saw me and he grabbed my arm and shoved boys right and left, knocked the boy at door out of the way and pulled me into the boy's bathroom. The only words he said was 'I got sisters nothing I haven't seen' and he yanked my pants down and sat me on the toilet. Once I started going, I couldn't control myself and I got my panties wet but my pants were far enough down that they stayed dry.

He helped me get out of my pants and he held me up while I took my panties off which he stuffed in the trash can below the trash that was already there. He washed my face with his handkerchief, combed my hair with his hand and straightened out my shirt so I looked presentable. He opened the door and led me out by the hand and took me over to my class. 'Are you going to all right? No one can tell you lost your underwear, if you need me I will be with my class over there'.

I was 12 in the seventh grade and I still have a crush on him.


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