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He Embarrassed Me, Now I Own Him

I worked for an energy company in their financial reporting department. I went home early due to lady's problems. At nine that evening my boss knocked on my door, I was in a nightshirt. He walked in, told me to get on my computer I needed to add a post closing entry and rerun the reports. Before I could even get my act together he asked for the bathroom and headed into my bedroom, bed unmade clothes on the floor, into the bathroom with my panties soaking in the wash basin.

My headache went from a 2 to a 10, my heart jumped out of my chest, he walked back into my living area asking me if I had gotten the change updated. Never again did anything embarrass me with him, financial, emotional, physical, from that day on he heard everything, he had to discuss anything and everything, he heard words out of me that women never use in mixed company, he had me at his house on weekends, overnights, holidays, he saw me in shorts, braless in nightshirts, no make up, doing my nails in his bedroom.

When I asked him for sex, he stood at the foot of the bed asking me if I knew what I was doing. I told him to get on, I did anything and everything, until his comfort zone was destroyed. He took me for granted, took away my safety zone, now he has the tiger by the tail and he's figured out he can't let go.


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