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Caught Red Handed

Growing up we had a boy next door who was eight years older than me. From my earliest memory I was in love with him. He ignored me, but when things were quiet he let me hang out with him, take me to Baskin-Robbins, go to my soccer practice. Thanksgiving when I was 16 was my moment of truth.

It started with pulling my skirt down to cover my legs, telling me to take off my glasses, pulling me to him to ask me to go get him some snacks. My need to be hugged was on overdrive, all I wanted was to have him hold me tight. When he put his hand on my thigh I let him run his hand up and down until he was running his hand across my butt.

We went to the back room where we got on the bed, this time he put his hands under my skirt and pulled my panties off before eating me. He got on his knees, lowered his pants and with his wicked erection nailed me to the bed. We got dressed and returned to the living room to watch the game on television.

That night, back in my house my mother came to talk to me. Since I was AWOL she went looking for me, the door to the bedroom we were in was unlocked and she opened the door and saw us. She left us alone but not without telling me that I hadn't made love, I'd been fucked.


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