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Getting Caught Well Sorta

I’m still a virgin with a very over active sex drive. So I masturbate a lot.

I was with my mom visiting some of her family over the weekend. We were staying in a hotel. I sleep in just my underwear, I wear briefs. Typically colored ones but I do have tighty whities too. No big deal really, my mom has seen me in my underwear at bedtime for years.

I wake up very hard every morning and typically masturbate to get my mind off of it first thing. But staying in a hotel I don’t have the privacy for that so I went without cumming for two days! Hard to do for me! Honestly my mom knows I masturbate a lot, she knows about my sex drive.

My mom saw me with morning wood both Friday and Saturday in my briefs. No biggie, it’s natural. Brought white briefs on that trip so I guess it was a little more visible then usual.

So on Sunday day morning I was up and went pee before my mom showered. We were going to church with her family so we needed to dress up a bit. I had morning wood and didnt think any thing of it. But my mom comes out of the bathroom before she showered setting the box of tissues on the bed I was in. She told me to drain my pipes while she was in the bathroom because she didn’t want me to get erect in dress pants. I fully understood that, hard in dress pants isn’t good. Briefs can’t even hide that. I wear briefs because I’m hard so much, it’s the only underwear that helps contain me.

My mom knew it had been a few days and she knows how I am but it was really embarrassing having her hand me tissues and telling me to do that. It once she shut the bathroom door I lowered my briefs down and masturbated. I came all over myself. Bad decision because I git cum on my stomach, chest and on the bed. I was wiping cum off myself when my mom came out of the bathroom.


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