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Greek Hospitality

A year ago today, I flew home after an extended stay on a beautiful Greek island.
The reason my holiday was extended by six weeks, was my ex girlfriend and I split up during our last week on the island.
Basically I found her being fucked by an older guy in our apartment, after I'd fallen asleep by the pool.
Out the same night, with her moving rooms into his apartment, I got drunk and told my troubles to a bar owner.
I'd be lying to say I didn't remember him fucking me that night, but it was all a blur.
The following morning in his huge villa, was no blur and neither was sucking on his gorgeous cock, then being fucked on his massive bed.
A few hours later after phoning my parents, I moved from the apartment into his home.
I told my mum and dad I'd split up with my girlfriend and was staying longer, working in a bar.
Which was basically true. I did work in the bar taking drinks out to customers. However the main reason I was given free accommodation and money to spend, was every morning and night, I had my arsehole fucked by the bar owner, and after a couple of weeks, also by a business associate of his.
They shared me for a month, sometimes fucking me together, but mostly I'd have one or the other fucking me every day.
The weird part, was being fucked by the bar owner when his wife was around. He couldn't have cared less, but I felt awkward sucking on his fat cock with her sometimes watching.
When I left to fly home, both men fucked me by the pool, then drove me to the airport. I still had their cum sleeping out of my arsehole on the flight home.
All my friends and family think it was because I was heart broken over the split, as to why I stayed. None of them know the reason I returned in January for a week and was due to stay for a month recently. Covid stopped that, but I have provisionally booked for next May.
Both men have kept in touch, and each week they send me messages of desire.
I cannot wait to feel them both fucking me again.


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