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Sexy Associate, The Last Time In The Book Store

We got in the room I could count 11 guys in the dim light. Everyone was middle age or older except for Lauren. She looked like a real porn star come to life. I heard a couple of “Wow’s” and a “Holy Shit” as she walked in. This place was super shady. Everyone stared, but three guys walked right up to her and said very polite, formal “Hello’s” and “Hey there”. One of the guys went up and hugged her, then another hugged her and grabbed a bare ass cheek under her skirt. Lauren jumped for a second, then relaxed and hugged him back. From that moment on, everyone knew she accepted them touching and grabbing her. The third guy moved in and put his index finger under her chin to lift it and then began kissing and tonguing her. While they sucked face, a fourth guy came up behind her and pulled up her tube top and started man-handling her tits. Everyone in the room moved in except me and I stood by the door watching dumbfound. One guy went aggressive and immediately stuck his finger in her pussy and began fingering her aggressively. She backed her crotch away slightly , but only to adjust her position and then left him jab away at her hole. Another came around and grabbed an ass cheek. Another began grabbing at her tits even as the other guy was grabbing them both from behind already. I saw that two other guys were about to dive in and grab something.

“Whoa.” I said out loud, “let’s do this right. Lauren, you get on the chair here.” It was a low back chair sort of like a cheap wooden kitchen chair, and I probably shouldn’t have used her real name. “No honey, put your knees on the chair and stick your butt out.” She basically looked as if she were in a crawling position, hands on the chair back, knees on the chair seat, feet spread slightly. Her tube top was now a belt resting on the top of her skirt. Her skirt was a belt around her hips. Her forgotten feet dangled with her heels still on.

Looking back, it became more of an assembly line than any sort of erotic experience for me or for her. About half of the guys lined up for a blow job, half lined up to sink into that luscious pussy. There was tit grabbing form both angles as each guy walked up and took a turn, usually lasting about two minutes. There were thumbs and fingers in her ass, some just up to the first knuckle, others pushed all the way in her butt. A couple of guys who I’m sure were gay didn’t get involved. No other women showed up that night. A couple of guys left after their first hump or blow job. A few rotated in to get one if they had the other. Some new guys came in and got in line. Some others turned around or sat on the sidelines. A couple of guys came in and actually blew each other instead of touching Lauren. Fortunately no one was too rough, though as I watched I knew she had to be getting sore. I knew it was more of an event than something sexual when I realized I wasn’t getting hard watching. One guy was pretty big and when he stepped up to fuck her she stopped sucking dick. He pounded her for a few minutes and most guys watched as she shivered and bucked against him as he rammed his cock in her pussy. He was a big boy, and he stayed in her a long time when he came.

I asked a few guys to get water for Lauren from out front, which they did. I noticed only a few condoms in the group, maybe a half dozen. Otherwise, it was bare dick all the way. Lauren took everything they gave her and never stopped in that position. One guy came up to her and asked politely, “Can I fuck your ass?” I was surprised when she answered back, “Okay, but go very slow and gentle. Please don’t hurt me.” The guy bent over and actually ate her ass for a minute, spitting in her anus as he tongued her. He rubbed on her pussy to get lubed from everyone else’s jizz, then he slowly and very gently buried himself up to his balls in her ass. She had to adjust positions to let him in that way. Again most everyone else stopped and watched as she took him in her ass. I thought then how erotic she looked as she arched her back a little more to get a good angle for her ass fucking. The guy took his time, then said “here it comes.” After he finished, he leaned down and kissed her ass cheeks. There was a lull in the action at last. Only four guys in the room. I asked Lauren, “Are you okay?” and she replied, “I’m getting pretty tired.” I looked around the room and asked “anyone else?” The guys looked at us and said “No” or “thank you” or “you’re beautiful” and stuff like that.

I helped Lauren out of the chair, never actually fucking her myself at the book store. I pulled her clothing back into place as much as I could as she just stood tired. We walked through the store and out the door, me holding her up as she walked as if she were drunk. The clerk called out “Have a good night.” From behind the glass. Outside I got her jacket out of the car and put it on her. She settled into the car seat and sort of curled up out of exhaustion. I thought back on it as I walked around the back of the car to get in the driver’s side. I think she probably had 28 guys fuck her from behind and maybe 15 in her mouth. I got in the car and asked “Are you okay?” and she replied, “let’s stop at McDonald’s and get something to drink.”

The car ride to the hotel was weird. After we got drinks at McDonald’s Lauren sort of perked up. She started asking me where I take the family on vacation. Then I asked her where they went and she said “Nowhere really, we can’t afford it yet.” We laughed at some billboard signs about cigarettes and other book stores…one of us would say “Book Store” and then we’d laugh a little.

We made it to the hotel, exhausted. I booked a room for each of us, so she got a hotel key. The weather was nice, so she looked a little odd wrapped up in her raincoat and 4 inch heels. We were on the same floor. As we rode up the elevator, she asked, “Should I sleep in your room?” I replied, “It’s okay, you can do what you want.” She paused in silence for a second then said, “I’ll stay with you if that’s okay?” I was shocked but said sure she could stay. We go t in the room and she took off her coat. I admired her body again but knew she was tired. She undressed what little she had on and took a shower. She came out in a towel and I had on shorts and a t-shirt to sleep. She took off the towel and crawled in the bed naked. I saw what she did and I stripped down to get into bed.

We laid separate for a while then Lauren broke the silence, “I can’t believe what just happened. Oh my God I’m so tired.” I laughed a little then said, “I think you pleasured 30 guys at least between blow jobs and fucking.” “Oh my God!” she half exclaimed, then rolled over to lay on my chest. “I promise I won’t make you do that again, at least for a while.” I said. She laughed lightly and asked, “Can I keep my job?” “For now.” I said. Then she really surprised me and rolled on top of me to straddle me. “Can we make love?” she asked. I was semi hard from her laying on my chest, and sprang to full erection as soon as she asked that. I hadn’t had any sex yet that night. She eased herself over my dick and slowly worked her way onto my penis until I was in. She felt very warm and her lips were full and tight, almost like she was swollen from all the cock she had. We kissed for the first time. We didn’t go fast, we just slowly moved to grind up and down until I finally came. She was so tired I don’t think she had the energy to cum. She said “thank you” and laid on my chest, my softening dick still in her pussy. We fell asleep that way and woke up cuddling side by side.

The next two days were quiet. She recovered slowly, her pussy swollen a little less the next night and I think normal by the night after that. She never used her own room, just stayed with me and we had basic missionary sex both nights.

I ran out of characters, the rest I'll just leave for myself. This all happened last week. I gave Lauren the first half of this week off, so I won’t see her in the office til Thursday.



by Anonymous on Sep 29, 2020 at 5:06 PM

Sorry, posted in section. I don't know if its readable. Read 47520, then 47521 then 47522.

I'll make smaller posts - had to get this out of my system.

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by Anonymous on Sep 30, 2020 at 2:51 PM

Sooo who was she? Just an employee?
Sounds like I need to find the other stories

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by Anonymous on Sep 30, 2020 at 4:05 PM

I got a little confused but read your other post first. She's got a real issue if she's this willing to do anything for a job. You're lucky you found her while she's this young. Guys would pay to do what you allowed them to do to her. Plus now it sounds like she's vulnerable and you're the safe haven. Maybe save that vagina for yourself dude!

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by Reacher on Dec 28, 2020 at 10:33 PM

So what’s the current update these days?

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