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Fuck My Wife

Last weekend my wife and i took my son and his friend fishing.
Half way through the trip Lora took malcome our son friend into town to get lunch.
When they got back they where acting kinda of clingy.
When we got back home we cleaned the fish and put um in the freezer.
Lora, lora is sexy as hell.
Red hair 5ft5 gorgeous face seductively sexy body. Amazing tits legs and ass.
I know both boys smoke weed they about 18 senior football team and all.
Lora brings out three beers and her drink and we sit by the fire bullshit have a hood time.
Before long lora takes a little walk off in the woods and malcome follows to make sure nothing happens.
I give it 5 minutes and follow behind them.
Malcome is 6ft1 built like a brick shit house best tackle our yem has seen.
I find them off by the creek well lit with the full moon and the docks lights.
She has her top off her huge dd tits out with his malcome dick in her mouth.
It dose not take long and malcome has her bent over the docks rails and he fucks her standing up.
I dont know why but it turned me on to watch.
That night i go down to the couch and get malcome bring him up to our room.
Ten minutes later and for the next hour my wife lora had loud hard orgasms.
The next morning at breakfast our son apologies to malcome all im sorry for my parents we all heard you my wife blushed i chuckled and malcome cool as can be if i had a girl that fine i would fuck that pussy till her voice went horse he said.


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