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My New Job

So I started a new job during covid which means all of our training is done over video chats while we work from home. On this particular day I was so horny my body hurt, since I was only listening to calls I didn't need to be on video chat so I figured I could quickly get off so I could think straight again. I spent most of the morning with my vibrator completely unable to satisfy this urge. With the ache only growing worse I decided I needed penetration to really get off, so I bust out my dildo and get comfy. I start really getting into it roughly fucking myself with the dildo while I torture my clit with the vibe I am so close to cumming when my mentor asked to video chat so he could explain something. I quickly right myself leaving the dildo in me but shutting off the vibe so he wouldn't hear and accept the chat. While he is explaining I mute myself and turn the vibe back on and start subtly rocking on the dildo, I NEEDED to cum right then. Only it turns out that I didnt actually get muted and he heard!

He quickly figured out what I was doing and asked if I was masturbating, I tried to think of an explanation that wasn't fucking myself while at work but was coming up blank. Luckily for me all he did was ask if he could watch. Now playing with myself while someone watched was not something I did often but I was so keyed up I needed it in that moment so I said yes. I angled the camera down so he could get a clear view of the dildo stretching my pussy while I rubbed my clit. He guided me told me how to use the dildo told me how he wanted to fuck me and make me swallow his cum. Then he told me to mute myself and continue fucking myself like he told me to while he took another call, and I wasn't allowed to cum until the call was over. I barely managed to hold out cumming right when he clicked off the call. He had me bring my webcam closer and slowly pull the dildo out of my pussy so he could watch as all my pussy juice leaked out. He told me to rub my cum all over my pussy while i sucked the didlo for him. I got so wet it leaked out of me and dripped down into my ass. I told him i was getting horny again but this time i wanted my asshole filled.

He told me he wanted to see me fucking myself until lunch (we had about an hour and a half) while he continued to take calls but this time I couldn't cum until lunch because this time he wanted to hear. So I got on my knees my ass facing the camera so he could see me better. I even got a second dildo out and deep throated it since he enjoyed it so much and I love the feeling of choking on a cock. I was so wet at this point it was running down my thighs I went to put the second didlo in my pussy but he told me I wasn't allowed until lunch when he could hear me but he did want me to put my vibrator to use again and play with my clit while I fucked my ass. When lunch finally came he undressed and started stroking his cock for me and told me to slowly slide the second dildo in my pussy and once again guided my hands fucking me through the screen. I came multiple times over lunch before he finally came all over himself right before he had to go back to the phones. Neither of us got dressed after that I took some time to recover then we started up again he picked the positions I got into and how I played with myself while he jerked off for me. We came multiple times throughout the rest of the day until I had to go back to class training so we had to stop. He is now my exclusive mentor and we have played together many times both during and after work although we now use our phones video chat not our works video chat. He really likes when I leave my phone under my desk and play with myself while I am in class training on video with my boss and I use my headphones so he can tell me how he wants to fuck me. We have decided to meet in person this weekend so he can finally fuck me in all the ways he has promised to I cant wait!



by Anonymous on Oct 28, 2020 at 7:45 PM

You naughty, dirty, sexy girl!
Have talked about this kind of thing with my hot wife and with a sexy friend too.
The idea of accidentally being caught and then having cam sex is very hot.
Hope you both really enjoy it when you do meet.
Please get back with a report!

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