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My First Sale

Too much to drink. It was my first time at a sales convention. And I had too much to drink. How I ended up in that room with that man I simply don't remember. In bed, nothing on. I woke up with a hangover, the bedside clock said 6 a.m., I was schedules to attend a breakfast at 7.

I found my clothes and decided to shower in my room. But I wasn't in my hotel. I got dressed, slipped out the loading dock door and flagged down a cab from the front to my hotel. Where the convention was being held. I got to the elevator, my room, a shower, got dressed and met my boss in the restaurant.

The customers came, I stood to shake hands and the man in front of me was the man I woke up with. He was just too nice, friendly nice. I sat there, the fog lifting, something about puking in the toilet. He was the man holding my head over the toilet. He offered to walk me home, back to my hotel. Which did not happen. No, I ended up in his room sitting on the edge of the tub, watching him pee. Waiting to suck his cock when he was done, before shaking the last drops free.

There was more, taking our clothes off, sucking dick in a 69. With his hands holding my buns. I don't remember fully but I was so hard I tried to fuck his mouth, so he fucked back, and I let him. Maybe it was a fantasy, but he was too far along, too big to hold off and we got real friendly. And he was right there in front of me. And the fog was gone and I remembered everything. And we got the account and I was assigned to it. And to my new friend. And he never got drunk that night and has a very clear memory of that night.


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