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I Sure Am Glad The Statute Of Limitations Has Been Up For Years

In 1968 when I was 15 years my mom went to work as a volunteer on a campaign for a congressman. I was a skinny short long haired sissy boy who loved both boys and girls but loved cock slightly more than pussy. From the neck up I looked like a very pretty 12 year old girl. From the neck down a slightly small 15 year old boy. One day the congressman came to visit the local headquarters for his campaign and it happened to be the day my mom talked me into coming in with her to help with some grunt work. The congressman looked me in the eyes as he shook my hand and then pulled me into a hug and said "a pretty girl like you could go far in politics" into ear. I corrected him and said I was a boy. He had a stunned look on his face and then continued with introductions. He went into the office to talk to some of the volunteers and then came out and slipped a piece of paper into my hands. Mom asked me about the piece of paper (I think the congressman was trying not to be noticed) and I opened it and told Mom he wanted to talk to me at a restaurant in private. Mom was one of those naïve women who idolized leaders of our party and believed they could do no wrong and so she was very excited that I was going to be spending alone time with him. '

I knew exactly what he wanted so I made myself look as pretty and feminine as I could and still be able to convince some people I was male. I curled my waist long blond hair and added a hint of eye make up and a light subtle shade of lipstick. I spritzed myself with a hint of my sister's perfume. I put on a pink satin paisley shirt and white bell bottoms with flower appliques sewn on and touched up my pail pink finger nail polish. Dinner turned into an overnight in a hotel with him being convinced his was the first cock ever in both my mouth and ass. He wasn't bad looking and let me take a bunch of photos of him (dressed) but I also snuck some photos of us naked together with his cock all the way in my 15 year old mouth. Once I had my evidence I knew I was going to get a lot of nice things.

He got me a nice paying fake job where all I had to do was show up and punch the card then go home and I'd get $300 a week. A nice paycheck for a 15 year old high school sophomore in 1968. My Dad didn't get that at the post office as a mailman. I should mention that my parents were divorced.

By the time I graduated high school, rumors of the end of the Vietnam war coming to an end soon was rampant but meanwhile a lot of people I knew fled to Canada to avoid the draft.

Also by then I was blackmailing two of my teachers, the congressman and a police sergeant. Nothing major with the others. I never asked the congressman for anything but a mouthful of sperm. it just seemed to him the best thing to do is keep me happy if he wanted to keep coming back to fuck me. I got lots of cum from those two teachers and the cop. From the teachers I got a bump up in grades and from the cop I got a get-out-of-jail-free card and got away with a ton of petty crimes and a few not so petty ones like the time I was 18 and in my senior year and he caught me fucking an 11 year old girl in the bushes in the town's memorial park. The cop scolded me not for fucking her but for being careless. after he told her how old I was she said "I thought you were 12!" Then she put her tongue back in my mouth.

While that state has changed the statute of limitations for that last incident, I'm grandfathered in so after after 10 years I'm in no danger of arrest let alone conviction Thanks in large part to a cop's penchant for fucking a young boy's mouth.

Being generally a coward and not wanting the stigma that staining my record I asked what the congressman could do to keep me safe but in uniform. I don't know how he pulled it off but he got me enlisted in the Navy, arranged for me to have an easy time of it in boot camp and then be assigned to a ship that frequently visited Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Gitmo. My job was basically cruise director for Marines. An older sailor took me under his wing and helped me along in my career in exchange for my keeping it a secret that he liked the way I sucked cock, a big taboo in the military though somewhat less so in the Navy. I got shore leave almost every week and spent half my time collecting seashells and the other half sucking as much cock as possible.

After a year I was sent to Pearl and mostly we just sat in the harbor doing lame training exercises while I gave comfort to a few of my fellow sailors. They say any port in a storm. Well if loneliness is a storm then my mouth was any port. I added to my shell collection spending a lot of shore leave on those black beaches then we were sent to Japan. Finally we were sent to help evacuate troops and the Cong were taking pot shots at a lot of ships and of all things I got hit in the arm by a stray small bullet. I didn't even feel it at first. A fellow sailor pointed out the blood then it felt burning and then someone yelled for a corpsman. So despite my cowardly inclination and never having picked up a weapon other than in training, I ended up with a Purple Heart, a service medal (we called it the participation award) another medal just because our ship was within the war zone for a few hours and I also got a good conduct medal. I ended up with one more medal than my Dad who was a real hero in WWII. Go figure. All I did was go for stroll on deck since at that moment I didn't have any duties to perform other than keep my eyes open. The captain made a big deal out of it back at Pearl. I was mostly healed up before we got back.

OK so it's really not my point to talk about my experience in the Navy. I merely used it to get a job at the post office and that is where my real crimes took place.

One thing I learned in the Navy was paperwork. The military loves it's paperwork. I got really good at it. In fact I got so good at it that I figured out real quick how to cook the books. I was able to make our postmaster look very good by playing with numbers and I also figured out how to steal lots of things. The government of the United States is the most convoluted bureaucracy ever created and as such it could take centuries for a team of expensive experts to find out a single postage stamp is misplaced. I also discovered that it is easier to hide a big theft than a small one. So for the next twenty years I gave myself multiple promotions which the postmaster signed off on oblivious of what was going on. I faked my overtime to where it looked like I was working two full time jobs. I got free stamps to add to my stamp collection. I worked my way up to assistant post master and when the post master retired I got promoted to postmaster. That's when I was able to pull of a major heist. I won't go into details but I ended up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in stamps and several truck loads of stolen mail and I was also able to route all the dead letters to our post office and dead letters often contain money and valuables. I also pulled off tons of mail scams on businesses all around the world.

Then I decided to retire and and my crimes were discovered but all of them were attributed to the prior post master who by then had died. They would have stopped his wife's pension but she died before they had a chance. So they closed the cases, all of them and I was left to enjoy my comfortable retirement in peace.

My attorney, who knows everything, informs me that I am 100% protected from prosecution now due to the statute of limitations. I can even talk about the sexual fun I had in Japan without fear of prosecution though I'm not sure if this website permits discussions on that very taboo topic.



by Anonymous on Nov 6, 2020 at 4:40 PM

Now THAT’S a confession.

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by Anonymous on Nov 7, 2020 at 12:26 AM

Tell us about japan, seems like any taboo I can think of has been on here.

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