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She was fat, I mean really fat. I am 17 and she is married to a guy who doesn't care, he knew she was going to try to fuck me. She is 38 and looks 58, very short black hair, she weighs 300lbs. and has huge thick thighs that end at a black hairy pussy with soft pink inside lips. Her tits are massive, I can't guess a cup size but I'd say about a gallon milk carton size. She's been teasing me off and on for a year, even lifting her skirts up to her neck showing me her hairy pussy and huge tits in front of her husband. He would sometimes lift her belly and massage her pussy with me watching.

It graduated to me feeling her pussy, or sucking her tits while he was finger fucking her. She started getting totally undressed in the house with me and telling him to go to their room and stay there. It was that way I got my first blow job. I shot a ton of cum in her mouth and some dribbled onto her her tits and she licked it up. She made me lick her pussy sometimes, and sometimes you could taste that he'd fucked her already. She kept saying that anytime I wanted it I could do it. Just let her know and she'd make sure she didn't let him fuck her first.

We were outside in their back yard, she had on a short dress with nothing on under it. She moved a chair so we were behind their privacy fences and no one could see and sat down. Spreading her legs, and lifting her dress above her tits, she motioned me over. I licked her, and she said that she was clean, and wanted me to get her dirty. I fucked the fat old wife. Since I've fucked her at least 40 times. I even slept with her in their bed while he was on the couch. That was the night she let me fuck her in her huge, and I mean HUGE, ass.

All he says, even when we're alone is "thanks for making her feel so good and so sexy again"


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