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Taken In By A Fraudster

I was 19 that summer working as a day care worker. One little boy clung to me and I talked to his mother about it. She apologized telling me she worked two jobs and he had another sitter in the evening till she got home from work. I offered to keep him for, free.

On a Sunday several weeks later she and I took the boy to a park to play, she gave me the background, she was made pregnant in high school by a drifter she met with a friend, he disappeared and has never seen him, she worked to support herself and dropped out of school. The bad news continued.

I felt real bad for her and the boy and asked for help from everyone I knew, clothes, money, home items. Word got around and a cop got wind of it and decided to get his department to help.

They ran a background check looking for the father, the best way to help was to get him to pay child support. What came up was shocking, she lived with the boy's father, he was a bartender. She was a stripper after dropping out of high school, before she got pregnant. Her part time job after work was at the same strip joint. She and her boyfriend had been busted for running a scam with a church. I was her mark when I offered to help. Oh and they both had a record for theft and she had been arrested for prostitution.

No wonder the little boy needed to be hugged.


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