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Every Now And Then

My bachelor party was a night to remember, the drinking, partying, dancing girls, the whole shebang and it only got better. After a few lap dances my father-in-law commented on my obviously hard cock and says something to the effect that his daughter is a lucky girl. Later, on the cab ride back to hotel my drunk father-in-law starts rubbing my cock through my pants. I'm pretty drunk too so I let him. He finally lets go of my cock when we get to the hotel and I'm hard as a rock and horny as hell. We half stumbled through the lobby and got on the elevator. I'm on the same floor as he and his wife and when we came to my door he just followed me in. He didn't say a word as he pushed me down on the bed and pulled off my shorts. It was surreal as I watched my cock slide and out of his mouth. I have a big thick cock but he had no trouble servicing me like a pro. I gave him no warning and came in the back of his throat gagging him at first but he keep my dick in his mouth and swallowed the entire load. No words were exchanged at this point and he went to his room.

The next day at breakfast he was a little hung over but acted normally as usual. Nothing happened for a few months until he got drunk at a ball game and sucked me off on the ride home as I drove. Over the years he has sucked me off dozens of times, he's had to swallow at least a gallon and a half of cum.


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