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Wife Threesome W Co-worker

My wife Lauren is 36, white, blond, a little thick in the body, D-Cups, big hips, and a nice round ass. She and I have dabbled in swinging. She works with a younger black guy (JC) who started hitting on her after she let it slip that we've swung before. She didn't mean to but he asked her a question she was unprepared for and kind of froze and he deduced that we've been involved in recreational sex. Over time, he wore her down and got her to admit that we have swung and told him a little bit about what we've done. She wore him to secrecy. Months later, he approached me at her work Christmas party last year and told me he was aware we like to swing occasionally, and said that he really wanted to play with my wife. I wasn't aware that she had told him anything so I tried to play it cool but a few drinks later and the three of us were talking about sex and things.

He made it clear he wanted to fuck her and that he's been swinging for awhile. He brought up that he and a friend are very experienced playing with the female half of white couples. When he had a moment he made it clear that he believed that Lauren wanted to try sex with him and that she fantasizes about a threesome with a couple black guys. He told me he could make it happen if I gave him the go ahead. Later that night, the party was ending, he invited us out for a couple drinks and to talk. He picked us up at our place where we dropped our car and off we went.

Now, I wasn't expecting any sex that night, I just thought we were going to chat but the booze got to both me and my wife. Lauren admitted how much she wanted to try a threesome, said she'd rather I not be there so she wouldn't feel inhibited and we agreed to let her fuck JC and his partner. Before we were done that night, he gave Lauren a preview, showing her his cock in the car. I sat in the back seat, she was in front. He took his dick out he was hard and large. She let him play with her tits. Soon she was topless, he was squeezing and sucking her tits, then his cock was in her mouth. She finished him off, swallowed his load, then dropped us off. She stayed in the car with him for awhile to "get to know him better" while I went inside. An hour later she came into the bedroom after downing another of his loads.

The big night came. She met him and his friend at a hotel where I dropped her off. Three hours later I picked her up. She was really happy, had a great time and had been fucked silly. She didn't tell me many details said that I would get some videos to watch which started coming to my phone a little while later.

First vid, my wife entered the room, obviously felt awkward and shy, drank some wine.

Next vid, JC took off her clothes while the other guy filmed. She got on her knees and took JC's dick out and sucked for awhile. His dick looked bigger than it had in the car. The vid switched and the other guy, who was naked, got his cock sucked. He was just a bit smaller than JC.

Lots of cock sucking then titty sucking and fingering. They set the phone up and videod her on the bed playing with both their cocks, sucking both.

The next video was a close-up of her pussy sliding down JC's hard cock. Slowly down til he was buried. Then the vid cut and came back with JC's cock still in her and the other guy climbing on top. He forced his cock into her pussy. She had two dicks in her pussy at the same time. JC is a caramel toned guy. His friend was very black and she is pale. It was a threeway contrast. The friend took over fucking my wife's double penetrated pussy from behind for a long time while JC just rocked a little from underneath. The guy lifted Lauren's leg giving me a great view of the two cocks inside her, one of them pounding away. She ended up cumming afterward he got off of her and filmed her when she slid off of JC's dick then sat next to him to play with his cock, stroking and sucking like really taking care of it. She got to where she was spitting and stroking really hard til he came, she sucked the load out of him and swallowed it all.

The next vid she was laying on her back and the other guy was fucking her, her legs lifted, dick pumping hard and deep, she came, then came again and the guy kept at it, changing positions and pounding her pussy. She came another time before the guy tensed up and shot his load into her pussy grinding it deep.

Next vid was after a rest and clean up. JC fucked her doggie while his buddy got lazy head from Lauren. JC had her by the hips and went to town fucking her so hard that when she came the entire length of his dick had no problem sliding all the way in. He came in her. He pulled out and videoed cum dripping from her pussy.

One more video of the friend getting head then fucking Lauren from different angles. I got a good look at the guy he was much younger than I figured. JC is 28 the other guy turned out to be 20. He was just a kid but he could really fuck. He fucked Lauren from different angles while JC filmed then he settled on her laying sideways with one leg over his shoulder and her pussy exposed as he fucked her forever. She was moaning and occasionally sucking JC's dick while his buddy fucked her to a couple more orgasms. He finally picked up the pace and fucked her hard cumming in her again. After he pulled out JC focused on Lauren's drippy pussy with his buddy's cum leaking out. Then it ended.

She said there was sex that didn't make it on the videos and said she really enjoyed herself. She wants to fuck these guys again. She's been blowing JC here and there and he came over for a quick fuck a few months ago. The threesome thing has been on hold because of Covid and other things but she's willing. More than willing actually.

If you're into swinging try to get your wife a threesome with a couple of charged guys you won't regret it.



by Anonymous on Nov 23, 2020 at 1:42 AM

Sounds like a terrific hot wife man but I don't go for the leave her on her own so she's not inhibited business. Me, I love my wife to cut loose and enjoy but I'm always looking out for her. I'm sure you're digging the vids and she's a doll telling you all about it and making you so hot. Just like I say, I would want to be there either getting it on or just watching whatever.
You already know what a lucky guy you are. Cheers mate.

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