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Witnessed Thai Lady Boy Having Sex With Young Thai Boy

Stayed in room Pattaya above a closed bar. Lady boy bar across the street,
so some lady boys stayed on my floor. Woman with kids working in bar lived
there too.

To save money on AC I kept doors and windows open. So did most of the others.
breeze felt good, mid day would escape the sun in my room. Across the hall one of the woman's kids was called in Thai lady boys room.

He had the young boy give him a blowjob. His dick was tiny (don't think all Thai men have small cocks) the boy knew how to suck. He pulled the boys shorts down, put him on the bed. Sucked the boys dick till the boy pushed him away.

Thats when he laid the boy on the bed, Lady boy oiled his ass and lady boy cock,
then fucked that boy in his ass. The boy was uncomfortable and the lady boy came fairly quickly. He washed the boys ass then got him dressed. Reached in fridge gave the boy milk and some chips.

I told the lady boy that was wrong, he told me thats what they did to him, he is doing the same for that boy. One day that boy will work at the bar.


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