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The Pandemic Has Curtailed My Travels

The company I worked for bought a company with offices in Rio de Janeiro. I was asked to be the one to go down and work on the integration of the companies. Although I did not speak Portuguese, the senior staff spoke English so language was not a barrier. Their attitude was, they did not appreciate being bought and they gave me the cold shoulder except to answer specific questions.

On the first weekend I was there I took Sunday off to do some sight seeing. I hired a car from the hotel and asked the driver to take me around. The driver, a nice man who spoke very good English did his best to show the high points and accompanied me up Sugar Loaf and to the Christ on the hill. On the way back to the hotel after several hours of sightseeing he asked if I wanted to relax, he knew of many places where I would be made to feel at home.

I thought for a minute and decided to ask for what had only been a fantasy, I told him if there was a place where I could see male strippers. I had only seen these on the internet but not in real life. He agreed and we set to meet up around eleven that night on the street beside the hotel and he would take me. He picked me up in a rented car, not the hotel's car, and I sat up front with him and talked a bit, I confessed to him that it was a fantasy and reassured me that I would enjoy this place.

The place was a cabaret, with dancers on stage, tables in dim corners, all sorts of young men, most in good physical condition, with naked butts and a sock on their cocks. We sat at one of the dimly lit tables, I gave him a wad of money to hire the boys to come dance. He flagged down boy after boy, told them to dance for me, to use their cocks to slap my face, to let me touch and hold their cocks, to get on their knees and suck on my cock. He reassured me that in this club there were not limits. At other tables boys were being fucked, sucking off other men, having their cocks sucked. I sucked a boy from Paraguay. We stayed for three hours before leaving, I had to work in the morning and we went back to the hotel.

Before dropping me off he asked how I had liked it and I told him it was an experience. He asked if their was a special experience I was looking for, maybe something more private. I told him that I had always fantasized being with a man who knew his way around the bedroom, a man who would fuck me. He promised to set it up.

On Thursday he left a message for me at the hotel, he would come by around ten that evening and pick me up on the corner in a white car. We went to a restaurant and met a man there, in his forties, well dressed. The three of us had dinner, and wine. We left, the three of us in the car and we went to a private apartment. The man undressed me, sucking on my cock for a while, he kissed me on the mouth and got undressed himself offering me his cock to suck. The driver stood by, watching and then pulling on his cock as he watched.

We got on the bed, kissed and touched, fingered and kissed some more. The man asked me to get on my knees and bend down and he washed my backside and using a heavy lubricant stood behind me and fucked. It felt good, no names, no strings. After he finished the driver got behind me and fucked me too. Now there were names and strings. And pictures taken by the man we met for dinner. He shared them all around, but these pictures were on two phones, not just mine. Welcome to Brazil.

After the company took over and set a manager in place, I recommended my hotel driver for a job as the driver for the manager and his family at a very nice salary. Often enough I traveled to Rio, and late at night I met up with the driver, sucked on his Brazilian cock, bent over and took his cock up my ass. Sometimes he spent the night, most of the nights we spent kissing and just having naked body contact together. Most of the nights he fucked.

With the Pandemic travel to Brazil has stopped, the manager's family recalled home and my friend the driver hanging on to his job, me defending why it is important for the manager not to drive himself. It's been a year now since I have been able to meet up with him, I miss his cock, I enjoy his cock, his pictures of his cock are not enough. There are many pictures of his cock in my ass, short videos which we enjoyed making and sharing. But that is not enough, I need a trip to Rio, I need to be naked together. Zoom and jerking off is just not good enough.


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