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So Ashamed

I'm recently married, quite frankly to find someone to marry me I had to move to a different town. I moved to a big city. I had to leave because everyone in town knew I was a slut and a whore. I let boys fuck me starting at 13, and sucked a little before that. I got it anally when I was 17 by 3 guys taking turns. It hurt, it was terrible, they wouldn't even let me clean up. I was in the backseat, they all went twice and then pulled up my panties and my jeans and took me home. I couldn't help it, my pants were soaked with mixed brown and so much sperm. By the time I was 18 I'd had married men, grandpas, daddies, single guys, fathers and later their sons. I was forced to do it with other girls, to please the boys. It was probably 80 plus guys that had fucked me by the time I was 18 and there were 14 girls, and 5 older women. One woman even took me on a cruise with her. It was a nudist cruise and I was her sex partner, even on the open pool deck. I let boys take pictures and videos of me, and during the time I got hooked on meth. I was doing anything people wanted for meth or for money to buy it. One guy gave me a big amount, all I had to do was let his dog fuck me. Only it wasn't just one dog. There I am on video with 3 different dogs doing it to me. The second, the biggest, got it in my butthole and was slamming me and it hurt a lot. I was crying and begging for them to stop him but they didn't, it all went on video. I went back to him and his friends many times, each time having to suck them, let them fuck me, and then the dogs came in. I let one so-called boyfriend, get his whole hand in me and fist me.

I had to move, I was so ashamed, even my parents knew about me. My neighbor showed them some video. So I left, cleaned up, joined a church, met the pastors son and eventually I fucked his brains out and he married me. I am waiting for someone from my town to show him what I have done.



by Anonymous on Jan 13, 2021 at 11:55 AM

Is the video of you and the dogs online somewhere? If it is, will you tell us where to find it?

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